I was a waitress and now I make £80,000 a MONTH at 23 – it’s so simple anyone could do it

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A FORMER waitress has revealed how she ditched her dull job and now rakes in £80,000 a month at age 23.

Afnan Khalifa swapped bussing tables for business deals with a six-figure salary – and says it’s so easy, anyone could do it.


Afnan Khalifa ditched her dull waitressing job and now earns six-figures[/caption]


The 23-year-old says she used to be unable to afford shopping in Zara – but now can afford anything she wants[/caption]

The Saudi-born TikToker now describes herself as the “Kim K of network marketing” after making a drastic career change.

She had been juggling two jobs after moving to Canada for university, but was not enticed by the prospects of the restaurant industry.

The 23-year-old said she became sick of “always running around” on top of studying, while still living paycheck to paycheck.

So Afnan decided to drop out of university and forge a different path for her future in November 2019.



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She began venturing into investing as well as affiliate marketing after signing up for a course on financial education.

But she was able to learn on the job – delving into the world of forex, stocks and cryptocurrencies – while stacking some cash.

The marketing marvel, who earns £80,000 a month, says ditching waitressing “transformed” her life.

She told Truly: “Two years ago I would literally go to Zara and look at the price, and hope I could afford it.

“I always thought it’s too expensive to buy something that’s $1000, $3000, $5000 – and now, that’s all we do.

“My life absolutely has not always been like this. I don’t come from a wealthy background.”

Afnan has since glammed up her appearance in accordance with her rags-to-riches story, buying herself a designer wardrobe to match.

She often shares Instagram posts showing her shopping hauls and luxury items she has purchased with her hefty pay packet.

The 23-year-old previously gave her TikTok followers a breakdown of how she branched into investing and affiliate marketing.

She explained: “I didn’t know anything about investing, trading, about marketing, nothing, I had zero experience. 

“So I joined this company that teaches financial education and it has all the markets – forex, stocks, crypto – you name it, you will find it there. 

“When I joined, I was blown away by how many young, successful people there were at the company – six figure earners, seven figure earners, eight figure earners.

“You can make money while learning. So six months later I made six figures, ten months later I made multi-six figures.

“I could not have been more grateful for the opportunity that I took and the risks that I took because it truly changed my life.”

For those wanting to break away from the boring 9-5, Afnan shared some words of wisdom.

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She said: “My advice: Start trading CRYPTO and do affiliate marketing. Don’t follow the norm! Go get rich babe.

“My advice for you – find the fire, be coachable, be dedicated, be consistent and watch how your life is going to change.”


She regularly shares glam pics of her lavish lifestyle on social media[/caption]


The Saudi native moved to Canada for university before transforming her life in 2019[/caption]


Afnan describes herself as the ‘Kim Kardashian of network marketing’[/caption]