Ikea to phase out engineered stone over health concerns

Ikea to phase out engineered stone over health concerns

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Homewares giant Ikea will phase out engineered stone in its Australian stores amid growing calls for a ban on the disease-causing material.

“IKEA Australia works with suppliers to supply and install engineered stone benchtops. We work closely with these suppliers to ensure the highest safety standards for environmental and working conditions are followed,” CEO Mirja Viinanen said.

“We have been monitoring the issue, including the recent analysis and recommendation from Safe Work Australia on the risks associated with engineered stone products.”

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Ikea store exterior

Engineered stone can cause the lung disease silicosis when cut.

There have been ongoing calls for a government ban on the material around the country.

“IKEA Australia will begin the process of phasing out engineered stone products from our local range, ahead of government action,” Viinanen said.

“Engineered stone benchtops form just part of the IKEA range and many alternative materials are available.

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“We strongly support a nationally aligned approach from governments to provide clarity and ensure coordinated action across the country.”

Federal, state and territory workplace ministers met last month to review a report from SafeWork Australia, which recommended banning the product, irrespective of crystalline silica content.

Bunnings previously announced it would phase out engineered stone by the end of the year.

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