I’m a 45-year-old bodybuilding MASTER – no one can believe the videos of my eye-popping snatch lifts

I’m a 45-year-old bodybuilding MASTER – no one can believe the videos of my eye-popping snatch lifts

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A BLOKE who claims to be a bodybuilding master at age 45 has left fans stunned with clips of his eye-popping snatch lifts.

Antonio De Santics wowed the world with his incredible strength in his latest social media post pumping iron in his CrossFit Termoli gym.

Antonio De Santics flexed his incredible muscles in his latest social media post
The bodybuilding master lifted a hefty 110kg weight in the eye-popping clip

The bearded Italian muscleman regularly posts videos of his intense workouts that keep him in incredible shape.

He can lift up to 110kg and even offers coaching to help people reach their fitness goals and become as powerful as him.

But the CrossFit king has really got people talking with his latest Instagram post – and not just because of the hefty barbell.

Antonio filmed himself performing a snatch lift, where the weight is lifted from the ground and up overhead.

He is seen walking up to the giant barbell while wearing black gym shorts and bracing himself for the extraordinary lift.

The bodybuilding buff then hauls it up as high as he could over his head, appearing to almost throw the barbell further back.

As his muscly arms support the mammoth weight, Antonio screams in triumph before dramatically launching the barbell to the ground.

The gym owner then kissed and patted the weights in gratitude after completing the incredible snatch lift.

He captioned the clip: “Snatch, 110 kg. Age, 45. Bodyweight, 86 kg. Zodiac sign, cazzimma.”

Antonio’s 121,000 followers were blown away by his abilities and couldn’t believe his ever-improving strength.

One wrote: “Great to see other people in their 40s absolutely smash sport!”

Another added: “That’s the fruit of discipline, effort and dedication. Congratulations.”

A third said: “Bro your animal! Great video.”

And a fourth wrote: “This guy is a machine.”

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The Italian gym owner is well known for his extraordinary strength at age 45[/caption]


He regularly updates his 121,000 followers on his progress with workout videos[/caption]

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