I’m a flight attendant – there are FOUR types of passengers I hate & you better make sure you aren’t one of them

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A FLIGHT attendant has revealed the four types of passengers she hates

Kajal Manhas, 26, spilled the beans about what kind of holidaymakers make her job hellish.


Kajal Manhas revealed the worst type of passengers she has to deal with[/caption]


The flight attendant says a lot of travellers lack manners[/caption]

The air hostess, from India, says she was always “fascinated by cabin crew” before bagging a career in the skies herself.

She now travels the world and shares her extraordinary experiences with her almost 10,000 Instagram followers.

But despite her picture-perfect lifestyle, Kajal complained that some rude passengers often get on her nerves.

She says she has chalked up a list of the worst kind of people to be trapped in a confined space 35,000ft in the air with.

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The 26-year-old told the Daily Star: “I don’t like people not keeping their bags nearby.”

The flight attendant explained she became frustrated with people who didn’t put their bags away neatly, as it causes obstructions for the crew.

Her next displeasure was passengers who stand up when boarding begins.

Kajal also takes offence to tourists “demanding things” from staff in an entitled manner.

But her biggest pet peeve came down to people “throwing attitude”.

“Especially [those] who are mannerless,” the stewardess added.

 “Try and put yourself in our place and act accordingly,” she continued. “Start acting better.”

Apart from her certain irritants, Kajal makes it clear she loves her job regardless of the drawbacks.

She said: “My favourite part right now is that I get to see new places and the amazing friendships I make for life.

“But, there is the sad part – living an unhealthy normal life, no schedule, no family, no personal life.”

We previously told how other flight attendants have named and shamed the worst kinds of passengers – are you one of them?

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