I’m a sniper mum who was face of Ukraine defiance – now I’m on frontline & want to give Vlad ‘long, slow death’

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A MUM who became the face of Ukrainian defiance to Putin is now fighting in deadly “kill or be killed” battles with the Russians – and she wants to kill Mad Vlad.

An iconic picture of Mariana Zhaglo, 52,  wielding her sniper’s rifle was seen across the word back in January – but since then she has been on the bloody frontline of war with Putin.

Anthony Loyd – The Times

Mariana Zhaglo became the face of Ukrainian resistance[/caption]

The mum-of-three is now on frontline battling the Russians

Mariana with her three children[/caption]

And she has vowed to give Vlad a “long and gradual” death if she ever gets the chance.

Mariana worked in marketing before the war began but now regularly comes under fire as she battles the Russians.

She has now traded her famous sniper’s rifle for an AK-47 and is currently on the frontline with the rank of Sergeant in the Ukraine war near Kharkiv.

Mariana told The Sun Online “it’s not hard for me” to kill Russians, who she calls Orcs, the term Ukrainians use to describe their foes.



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“ After what we experienced, shelling the peaceful cities, infrastructure, what they did in Mariupol, in Kherson, with children and women, what happened in Bucha, Irpin,” referring to the two towns where mass graves were found.

“Taking the life of orcs is just some kind of happiness and reward for me.

“Unfortunately, this is how it works. A person, by nature, is not cruel and does not dream of such a thing. And in a situation of war, it turns out the opposite.

“During the fight, the situation is such that you don’t think about anything at all. 

“You must kill first before you are killed. Think about how to shoot more accurately.”

“You don’t recheck whether you shot someone or not. You are shooting at everyone and in all directions.”

Asked if she would personally kill Putin if she replied: “Oh Yes! Long and gradually. For every murdered child, raped woman.”

Fitness fanatic Mariana said that before the war she didn’t think about taking up arms and fighting.

“About five years ago, I didn’t even believe that what was happening now was possible,” she said.

Her first taste of battle came when the Russians tried to seize Kyiv in the early days of the war.

She described the terrifying reality of combat when the Russians are blasting her positions.

“It’s scary when you are covered with mortar fire and you can’t fight back with anything. You can’t fire back with a machine gun. 

“This is scary – sitting in a trench and thinking whether there will be a direct hit or somewhere nearby. 

“If somewhere nearby, you can still hide from fragments in the trench, and if a direct hit – is certain death.

“And you hear something flying, but you don’t know exactly where. That’s when it’s scary.”


Mariana is now a Sergeant in the Ukrainian army[/caption]


Mariana and her colleagues on the frontline[/caption]

Her and her colleagues in Ukraine’s Territorial Defence Forces “have already taken it for granted” they might die.

“Tonight you either go to bed, or you don’t. War is war. We took up arms and decided to defend Ukraine. We are ready for this.”

Mariana is mum to Polina, 30, Ulyana, 25, and 13-year-old Lev and says her kids naturally fear for her safety.

“Of course, they worry about me. I always chat with them positively. I tell them I rest a lot, so they don’t worry. I describe the situation a little differently.”

When Putin ordered the invasion, he completely underestimated the resolve of ordinary Ukrainians such as her to resist.

“He did not take into account what I personally counted. Yes, we did not have enough weapons, a small army. 

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“But we had people and their motivation. People who protect their home, land, their families. “Everything precious is a strong motivation. Putin did not think about it. 

“He believed that we would think in the same way as the Russians. And the Russians do not value anything, they have no moral principles.”

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