Incredible moment massive great white shark leaps 15ft out of the sea just yards from surfers

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THIS is the incredible moment a massive great white shark leaped 15ft out of the sea just yards away from stunned surfers.

The huge sea creature stole the show during San Onofre Surfing Club’s annual contest in San Diego County, California.

Unsuspecting surfer Tyler Warren was spectacularly photobombed by the great white
Jordan R. Anast
Jordan R. Anast

The predator stole the show at San Onofre Surfing Club’s annual contest[/caption]

Jordan R. Anast

The shark leaped 15ft out of the turquoise ocean in San Diego County, California[/caption]

Contestants were riding the waves when the sneaky photobomber outshined their extraordinary efforts on Saturday.

The gigantic great white can be seen elegantly bursting from the water behind several surfers jostling for the judges’ approval.

Photographer Jordan Anast, who captured the money shot, initially thought a dolphin was behind the splashing he noticed while taking a snap of surfer Tyler Warren.

But after looking back through his images, he spotted the majestic great white shark sneaking in the back of the shot.

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He told the Orange County Register: “It’s a shot I’ll never get again. It just looks like ‘Sharknado,’ it doesn’t look real.

“It beats my dolphin shots. It was surreal.”

The cameraman made reference to the brilliantly ropy film franchise which imagines a world where angry sharks begin falling from the sky after an epidemic of tornadoes.

He said Tyler had no idea the shark was lurking just yards away from him hidden among the choppy waves.

And for being such a good sport, Jordan intends to print and frame the picture for the surfer.

The contest was not postponed due to the “uninvited guest”, the San Onofre Surfing Club said.

Sharing the spectacular pic to their Facebook page, they joked: “Surfers in the water said that it was going for the pelican in the upper right hand corner of the photo.

“Scored a 10 by all judges!”

One member of the esteemed surfing club, Matt Enright, said the atmosphere was electric following the shark sighting – and that most wave riders didn’t seem to mind.

The waters in Southern California are a known breeding ground for juvenile great white sharks.

The youngsters can grow up to 11ft long and typically feed off stingrays and other bottom fishes close to the surf zone.

It’s a shot I’ll never get again. It just looks like ‘Sharknado,’ it doesn’t look real.

Jordan Anast

Although the beast may have sprang out of the water to secure its pelican snack, expert Chris Lowe offered up some alternative theories.

The director of the Shark Lab at Cal State Long Beach said breaching juvenile great white sharks is not uncommon.

Although their reason for hopping out of their ocean playground is unknown, he suggested the marine animals could even be playing.

He explained: “Many predators exhibit a variety of predator behaviors in the absence of prey to practice.

“So, it’s possible these breaches are juveniles playing around, practicing ambushing behavior.”

The researcher estimated the shark measured at around 9ft long and said it also could have been trying to give itself a good clean.

External parasites – that are said to cause itchiness – could have been clinging to their bodies.

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He added: “So jumping and landing on their sides might be one way of dislodging hitchhikers. We also see them scratch their backs on the sand – another way to rub off parasites.”

Other hypotheses for breaching include chasing prey and ambushing them or trying to escape other sharks pursuing them.

Photographer Jordan Anast was over the moon to grab the once-in-a-lifetime snap
Jordan R. Anast
Jordan R. Anast

The wave rider had no idea he was sharing the water with the predator[/caption]

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