<div>International driver blames car that wasn’t there for speeding at 168kph</div>

International driver blames car that wasn’t there for speeding at 168kph

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A driver clocked at a staggering 168kph claimed he was speeding to overtake a mystery car, police said, after suspending the man’s license.

The 35-year-old had been sightseeing in the Northern Tablelands and was driving on an international license when caught by police.

Police pulled the blue Kia over after their radar snapped him travelling 168kph in a 100kph zone near Walcha, 425 kilometres north of Sydney.

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A 35-year-old international driver was caught travelling 168kph in a signposted 100kph zone.

When asked about his speed, police said the driver responded by saying, “I just over took a car.”

Police said they had not seen any other vehicles near the Kia when they clocked it.

The driver was returning home on Saturday after exploring the New England area.

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Police slugged him with a $2794 fine for exceeding the speed limit by over 45kph.

His driving privileges in NSW were also suspended for six months, but that period could be extended because of his demerit point total.

At least 15 people have been killed on the roads already this Easter long weekend, with journeys home on Easter Monday yet to begin.

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