Is Stephen Wissmann Jana Duggar’s Boyfriend? (And Has He Popped the Question?)

Is Stephen Wissmann Jana Duggar’s Boyfriend? (And Has He Popped the Question?)

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For years now, we’ve been hearing rumors that Stephen Wissmann is Jana Duggar’s secret boyfriend.

The first reports that Stephen and Jana were courting arrived back in 2021.

At the time, it was rumored that the couple was moving very quickly.

Jana Duggar talks to producers during her time on Counting On. (TLC)

Jana Duggar’s Whirlwind Romance With Boyfriend Stephen Wissmann

In fact, insiders claimed that Jana and Stephen had already set a wedding date.

Some even went so far as to claim that Jana and Stephen were secretly married!

Needless to say, that turned out not to be the case.

And shortly thereafter, it was widely reported that the couple had broken up.

Jana Duggar on the couch
Jana Duggar sits for an interview during her time on TLC. (TLC)

Insiders offered conflicting explanations for Jana and Stephen’s split, but everyone seemed to agree that the two had gone their separate ways.

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Now, however, it looks as though these fundamentalist lovebirds may have decided to give their relationship a second chance.

Are Jana and Stephen Secretly Engaged?

Earlier this week, Jana posted an Instagram photo in which she appeared to be sporting an engagement ring.

Jana Duggar on TV
Jana Duggar finds something funny in this photo. (TLC)

Rumors about Jana getting married used to crop up every few months or so.

And obviously, thus far, they’ve all turned out to be bogus.

But this time, fans have spotted what they believe to be photographic evidence of an engagement.

And not surprisingly, they’re using the pic as a jumping-off point to indulge in wild speculation!

Jana Duggar appears on one of her family's TLC reality shows.
Jana Duggar appears on one of her family’s TLC reality shows. (TLC)

Not only are these people convinced that Jana is engaged, they’re convinced that Stephen is the mystery man who will soon be walking her down the aisle.

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Who Is Stephen Wissman?

Stephen, as you may recall, is a commercial pilot and longtime friend of the Duggars’.

Not surprisingly, he met the family through church.

Jana Duggar smiles at the camera during a camping trip.
Jana Duggar smiles at the camera during a camping trip. (YouTube)

And while he and Jana might have broken up over a year ago, Stephen has reportedly remained close with Jim Bob and company.

In fact, Stephen’s sister Hannah Wissman is now married to Jeremiah Duggar, one of Jana’s many younger brothers.

So we know that the Wissman family has earned Jim Bob’s seal of approval, which is no easy feat.

Jana Duggar Courting?
Jana Duggar appears on her family’s second TLC reality show, Counting On. (TLC)

So if Jana is actually engaged, then Stephen is as likely a candidate as anyone.

But we’ve been burned by Jana wedding rumors enough times in the past.

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Therefore, we won’t be jumping on the latest engagement train until we see something more in the way of concrete evidence.

But hey — if wild speculation is your thing, then have at it.

Jana certainly doesn’t seem to mind. If this is probably a nice break from the public’s obsession with her family’s scandals!

She might even score herself another reality show from all of this!

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