I’ve visited over 50 cities in Europe. London and Paris were great, but these 5 lesser-known locations are worth a visit.

I’ve visited over 50 cities in Europe. London and Paris were great, but these 5 lesser-known locations are worth a...

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Dasha leans against a bridge over a river. Behind her are hills with houses on them.
One of my favorite lesser-known locations to travel to is Heidelberg, Germany.

  • After traveling to over 50 cities in Europe, I’ve enjoyed visiting some lesser-known locations.
  • Bath, England, is a great place to visit for Roman ruins and beautiful architecture.
  • I also loved traveling to Bruges, Belgium, which is both historic and romantic.

I’ve visited over 50 cities in Europe, and while I love global tourist hubs like London and Paris, I also try to seek out smaller cities and towns.

With over 13 million Americans predicted to travel to Europe this summer, it could be the right time to check out the off-the-beaten-path destinations on your travel bucket list.

These are five lesser-known destinations in Europe I recommend visiting.

Bath, England, is just a 90-minute train ride from London.
Tourists walk around a two-floor open-air Roman bath. The bath in the middle of the building is green.
Bath is known for having some of the best-preserved Roman ruins in the world.

As you probably could have guessed from this city’s name, Bath is known for its Roman baths. These baths, dating back to AD 70, are some of the best-preserved Roman ruins in the world.

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Bath is known for its beautiful Georgian architecture, which can be admired in places like the Royal Crescent, which features a crescent-shaped row of 30 houses.

I also loved visiting the Circus, which is made up of townhouses arranged in a circular pattern. These areas showcase Georgian architecture and are what makes walking around Bath feel unique.

If you’re a book lover, you can visit during the annual Jane Austen Festival in September, where people dress up, and the city is taken back in time.

The train from London to Bath takes about 90 minutes, making this city the perfect day trip.

Mostar is a beautiful city in southern Bosnia and Herzegovina.
People sit on rocks next to a large tower bridge.
The Old Bridge in Mostar is a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Mostar really surprised me. It didn’t look like anywhere else I’d been, with the towering Old Bridge connecting the two sides of the city. The 16th-century bridge, rebuilt after the 1990s war, is a UNESCO World Heritage site.

The city also has a well-preserved Ottoman quarter with charming cobblestone streets. During my time in Mostar, I loved drinking Bosnian coffee, taking in the views of the city, and feasting on local dishes like ćevapi.

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Bruges, Belgium, is a romantic city.
People riding in a boat on a river surrounded by charming brick buildings.
In Bruges, I loved taking a boat ride on the canal.

Bruges is a well-preserved medieval town. Its historic center is a UNESCO World Heritage site, and visiting feels like stepping back in time.

The best thing I did was take a boat ride on the canal, admiring the architecture while cruising through Minnewaterpark, commonly referred to as the Lake of Love.

Bruges is a laid-back destination that makes a convenient day trip from nearby Paris and Brussels. The city is perfect for couples looking to indulge in Belgian beer and chocolate.

Heidelberg, Germany, embraces modern life without losing its historical charm.
A bridge over a river, with buildings and a castle in the background.
Heidelberg is home to a centuries-old castle.

Heidelberg has striking views around every corner. The city is home to a centuries-old castle as well as the oldest university in Germany.

I enjoyed walking along Philosophenweg (also called Philosopher’s Way), where professors sought solitude and academic inspiration. The path was especially beautiful during my trip in the fall.

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We loved spending time in the city, which had lots of nice restaurants and cool bars. Heidelberg does an amazing job of embracing the new while holding on to its historical charm.

Andorra La Vella is a hidden gem in the Pyrenees mountains.
A bridge over a river with the words "Andorra La Vella" on it. There are buildings on both sides of the river and tall mountains in the background.
Andorra La Vella is the capital of Andorra.

Andorra La Vella is the capital of Andorra, a country in the Pyrenees between France and Spain.

Every restaurant we dined at featured dishes influenced by the surrounding countries. If you want to try authentic Andorran food, head to a borda — a traditional house once used for agricultural purposes. Now, these buildings are used as charming restaurants.

Andorra la Vella is a great day trip from Barcelona, but the city deserves more than a one-day visit.

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