Job offering £50,000 salary and you don’t need ANY qualifications plus you could travel the world

Job offering £50,000 salary and you don’t need ANY qualifications plus you could travel the world

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A DREAM job offering a £50,000 salary and the chance to travel the world is now up for grabs – and you don’t even any qualifications.

The incredible employment opportunity is in the Australian Navy and they’re still taking applications from thrill-seeking job hunters.


The perfect job for thrill-seeking job hunters is no w up for grabs in Australia[/caption]


The Australian Navy are hiring an Electronics Technician – and the salary is up to £50,000[/caption]

The job on offer is an Electronics Technician – and you don’t even need experience in the industry to apply.

According to an Aussie jobsite, the role would consist of maintaining, diagnosing and repairing weapons systems, circuits and equipment on board ships or submarines and ashore.

Whether the applicant has experience as a tradie or none at all – the Australian Navy are on the hunt for someone to fill this tantalising poisition.

Extensive on-the-job training will be provided to the full-time worker, and they even pay from day one on the job.

The lucky individual to score this opportunity would be faced with some mind-blowing duties such as maintaining military grade guns, missiles and torpedo launchers.

They would also be responsible for the maintenance of satellite equipment, underwater systems, electronic warfare and combat management systems.

There is also opportunity to specialise as an Electronics Technician Submariner – for those that are seeking a challenging yet rewarding job.

The role would consist of making sure the submarine’s torpedo-firing systems, underwater sonars, navigation systems, periscopes and other high-tech systems are kept in top shape.

But it doesn’t stop there – to top it off, there’s a long list of perks for the successful candidate.

These include travel opportunities, free medical and dental care, a competitive salary package, subsidised housing, chef made meals at sea and a wild adventurous lifestyle.

A former tradie in the Australian Navy said that being an Electronics Technician is “a uique experience like no other”, in a review on the jobsite.

They also wrote: “Travel is awesome and you can do and see things not many will never get the chance to”.

Although you don’t need any qualifications to sign up for this dream job, they do expect you to have passed Year 10 English, Maths and Science – preferably Physics).

Applicants must be over the age of 17 at the time of enlistment and be an Australian Citizen.

Another job offering a six-figure salary with perks of a room in a luxury resort with a cinema and Olympic pool is up for grabs – but you need to be willing to get dirty.

Plus, nature lovers were mad for this opportunity that allowed the lucky job hunter to live on a picturesque island – and be paid for it.

And, here are the highest paying jobs that you don’t need qualifications for, some offer a mind-blowing salary of up to £90,000 a year.

Some examples are a train driver, commercial pilot and ethical hacker.


Applicants don’t even need any qualifications to score this dream job[/caption]

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