Kody Brown Says to “Find Your Bliss” in Wake of Son’s Tragic Suicide

Kody Brown Says to “Find Your Bliss” in Wake of Son’s Tragic Suicide

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Kody Brown has broken in silence.

Kinda, sorta.

In a matter of speaking.

Just under a month ago, the Sister Wives patriarch lost his son Garrison at the age of 25 after the part-time TLC personality took his own life via a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

Kody Brown ponders life in this photo
Kody Brown ponders life in this photo from Sister Wives. (TLC)

It was well-known at the time of this tragedy that Kody was barely on speaking terms with Garrison and his brother, Gabriel, after the father of 17 put his foot down hard amid the COVID-19 outbreak.

Kody forbade his children from hanging out with anyone beyond the family, creating a significant rift between himself and Garrison that lasted until the day the latter died.

Aside from the following joint statement, released along with ex-spouse Janelle Brown, Kody hasn’t said anything about this tragedy:

“Kody and I are deeply saddened to announce the loss of our beautiful boy Robert Garrison Brown. He was a bright spot in the lives of all who knew him.

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“His loss will leave such a big hole in our lives that it takes our breath away.

“We ask that you please respect our privacy and join us in honoring his memory.”

Kody Brown here on Sister Wives
Kody Brown is likely saying something selfish in this scene. (TLC)

Now, however, an old video Kody sent to a fan on the platform Cameo has resurfaced online.

It’s unclear when it was requested/recorded, but it seems relevant because Brown touches on the topic of grief at the outset of this footage, stating:

“There is nothing that I can say or would be foolish enough to try and say to circumvent your bereavement.

“I am sorry for your loss.”

Kody Brown just never seems happy
Kody Brown just never seems happy, huh? We’re not fans. (TLC)

The reality star goes on to offer the “same advice” he gave to his sister, who we know lost her husband last December.

“The only thing I can say to you is find your bliss and pursue excellence,” Kody says in this Cameo video.

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“If you are capable of loving again and finding happiness and bliss again, make yourself the best person you can be. Don’t put pressure on yourself, but maybe challenge yourself.”

Kody then says if he were in that situation of “losing the love of his life,” he would “honor their life by being the greatest person that he could be.”

Kody Brown photograph
Kody Brown appears to be both sad and confused in this photo from a Sister Wives episode. (TLC)

Interesting to consider at the moment, isn’t it?

“I’m advising my sister to find love again,” Kody concluded back then.

“It happened once, it might’ve happened more than that for you, find love again, find your bliss, pursue excellence. Those are the only things I got for you.”

Garrison, a former serviceman, was found dead inside of his Flagstaff, Arizona apartment on March 5.

Kody Brown looks on in this picture of the patriarch from Sister Wives. (TLC)

In a confessional back in 2022, Janelle expressed serious concern over her son’s lack of connection with his dad as a result of the aforementioned COVID-19 protocols, which barred Kody’s kids from seeing their friends or significant others.

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“I have worried about my boys’ mental health. Gabriel feels everything very, very deeply. But he’s also the kid who doesn’t say anything,” Janelle said back then.

She later added that Garrison “just seems angry or sadder, like, he’s not as happy-go-lucky as he used to be.”

Looking ahead, we’ve been told that Sister Wives Season 19 will largely be centered around this horrible tragedy.

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