Mark Cuban won’t vote for Trump for 1 big reason: turnover rate

Mark Cuban won’t vote for Trump for 1 big reason: turnover rate

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Billionaire Mark Cuban said he would vote for Joe Biden over Donald Trump in part because Trump had such a high turnover rate during his administration.

  • The Trump White House experienced a record turnover rate, a Brookings Institution study showed.
  • Billionaire Mark Cuban says that’s one reason he won’t vote for Donald Trump.
  • “That’s not to say Biden hasn’t made a lot of mistakes,” Cuban told podcaster Lex Fridman.

Billionaire entrepreneur Mark Cuban has a very CEO-like mindset for why he wouldn’t vote for Donald Trump in 2024.

In an interview with podcaster Lex Fridman published Friday, Cuban said one reason he would vote for Joe Biden over Trump is that Biden has been able to maintain most of his staff. Fridman asked Cuban why he believes “Biden would make a better president than Trump.”

“If you look at the people he’s hired, there hasn’t been any turnover in his cabinet — at all,” Cuban said. “If you look at the people he’s hired over the course of his career, or while he was Vice President in particular, there’s nobody who’s turned on him and came out and written books and published statements about how he’s bad for the country.”

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“Now compare that to Trump. The people closest to him — almost all of them turned unless there’s a financial relationship involved,” he added. “To me, that says everything.”

Cuban isn’t entirely accurate to say there hasn’t been any turnover in Biden’s cabinet. Over the course of the Biden Administration, two cabinet officials left their posts: Marcia L. Fudge, the Housing and Urban Development Secretary, and Marty Walsh, the Labor Secretary.

Still, those numbers reflect a relatively stable presidency — especially, as Cuban noted, when comparing the turnover rate to Trump’s White House.

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A study from the Brookings Institution showed that by the first year of his presidency, Trump broke a record for first-year turnover rates, with 34% of senior officials resigning, being fired, or reassigned. According to the study, that was the highest first-year turnover rate for any presidency in at least four decades.

By the end of his administration, the Trump White House saw a 92% turnover rate during his time in office.

Biden’s first-year turnover rate was 8%. So far, his total rate is at 71% — which is the same rate as the Obama Administration and five percent higher than the George H.W. Bush Administration, according to Brookings.

Cuban told Business Insider in an email that the role of the presidency can be somewhat compared to that of a CEO.

“Different mission, obviously, but it’s one that requires leadership and management skills,” he wrote. “A leader talks about we, a poor CEO talks about me.”

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Cuban qualified his support for Biden by adding that the current administration has made many mistakes, pointing to Biden’s handling of immigration as one example.

Still, Cuban told BI he doesn’t believe Trump has a better solution.

“The way immigration has been handled could be a fatal mistake from a voter perspective. Hopefully, the administration will be more aggressive in coming up with solutions,” he wrote. “That said, the Republican nominee has not given specifics beyond ‘deport everyone,’ which I don’t think is a real solution.”

A Trump spokesperson did not respond to a request for comment.

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