Moment Boeing plane’s bathroom FLOODS sending water flowing down cabin and forcing jet to turn around in another blunder

Moment Boeing plane’s bathroom FLOODS sending water flowing down cabin and forcing jet to turn around in another blunder

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THIS is the disgusting moment a Boeing jet’s faulty bathroom overflowed and sent water down the cabin – forcing it to return to the airport.

Alaska Airlines flight 828 was travelling to Anchorage from Hawaii when the shocking incident took place, leaving the passengers stuck in “four inches of standing water”.


The entire cabin was flooded with water after one of the faulty bathrooms overflowed[/caption]


The cabin crew was forced to use paper towels to mop the floor of the aircraft[/caption]


Crew also used sheets and blankets to soak up the water flowing from the bathroom[/caption]

Just 90 minutes into the six-hour-long flight, the flight crew began to notice water flooding the aisles of the aircraft after one of the forward bathrooms malfunctioned.

As the water kept flowing into the cabin, the captain of the Boeing 737 Max 9 jet was forced to make a return to the Hawaiin runway.

Shocking footage captured by one of the passengers aboard showed flight attendants scrambling to mop up the water using a bunch of paper towels.

They can also be seen putting sheets and blankets in a bid to soak up the dirty water.

Dustin Parker, one of the passengers on board told Alaska News Source: “There was probably two to four inches of standing water that swooshed out as soon as you opened that front door of the lavatory.

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“I would say an hour and a half into the flight, we noticed the water and it was significant. The entire floorboards of that aircraft [were] completely wet.”

Alaska Airlines claims the blunder was caused by a faulty sink rather than a toilet, meaning the water flooding the cabin was clean and not sewage.

The company said in a statement: “We apologise to our guests for the inconvenience this caused and commend the crew for their actions to ensure the well-being and comfort of our guests.”

All the passengers onboard flight 828 were ultimately rebooked on other flights, it has been understood.

The shocking incident comes as another Boeing plane was forced to make a return to the airport after a foul smell from a broken toilet filled the entire cabin.

United Airlines flight 59, scheduled to reach San Francisco, circled over the North Sea before getting back to the Frankfurt airport.

Soon after taking off from Frankfurt, passengers onboard the aircraft reported a “foul” smell coming from the toilets.

After an inspection, the cabin crew found that one of the toilets in the seven-year-old plane was defective, the Bild reports.


AVIATION giant Boeing has recently experienced a series of dangerous jet failures, and the death of a company whistleblower.

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Here are just some of the company’s recent troubles:

Passengers also reported that the contents of the waste tank overflowed and entered the cabin, making the situation worse.

The aircraft apparently made contact with the ground engineers, hoping they could help fix the problem, while the aircraft kept circling over the North Sea.

After the technicians could not find a solution for the ongoing flight, the pilots of the Boeing 777 decided to make a return to Frankfurt airport, saving the passengers from a traumatic experience.

A spokesperson for United Airlines told The Sun: “On Friday, March 29, United Flight 59 returned to Frankfurt following a maintenance issue with one of the aircraft’s lavatories.”

There was probably two to four inches of standing water that swooshed out as soon as you opened that front door of the lavatory

Dustin Parkerpassenger

Last week, another flight operated by United Airlines was forced to make an emergency landing at an airport in Upstate New York in a turbulence incident.

At least 22 people aboard a Boeing 787-10 Dreamline were injured after experiencing “extreme turbulence” mid-air.

Seven people – of 312 passengers – were rushed to hospital upon the plane’s arrival while another 15 were treated on site for injuries sustained during the flight, according to New Windsor EMS.

Boeing has recently found itself swamped with a string of blunders and failures.

The world’s biggest plane maker plunged into a crisis after a series of dangerous jet failures and the death of a company whistleblower.

The death of John Barnett from an apparent “self-inflicted” gunshot wound comes after a window panel on a Boeing 737 was ripped from one plane mid-flight – and a wheel dropped from the bottom of another jet during takeoff.

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