Mum left kids aged one and two to die in boiling 60C car after trying to swap one for iPhone

Mum left kids aged one and two to die in boiling 60C car after trying to swap one for iPhone

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A MUM was deemed as an “able parent” just 10 days before she left her children to die in a sweltering 60C car.

Kerri-Ann Conley’s children Darcey-Helen, 2 and Chloe-Ann, only 18 months, were discovered dead with their skin covered in blisters and “peeling off”.


One year old Chloe-Ann was in her carseat when she died[/caption]


Darcy-Helen died next to her baby sister in a hot car[/caption]

The Aussie mum had a “rampant” history with drug abuse, but was deemed as a responsible parent even with worrying history.

Only weeks before her death, young Darcey-Helen was allegedly seen running around with a bong in her mouth.

After being taken to hospital, wee Darcy-Helen was deemed “underweight, pale and suffering from diarrhoea.”

Shockingly, mum Kerri-Ann allegedly told Queensland‘s Department of Child Safety (DOCS) that she wanted to swap her unborn child for an iPhone.

The terrible remarks were made before Chloe-Ann had even been born.

Despite the Queensland DOCS having the above evidence and proof Kerri-Ann admitted to using methamphetamine, the children were not taken out of her care.

Days later, in November of 2019, Kerri-Ann left her babies in the car around 4am, where they remained until early afternoon.

But temperatures inside the car had already reached a deadly 60C, with the girls skin covered in blisters and “peeling off”.

The car was left in direct sunlight for hours, with no windows open.

Kelli-Ann pleaded guilty to two counts of manslaughter for abandoning her girls in the boiling car.

She also had been selling and using meth in the family home at the same time the toddlers had died.

Supreme Court Justice Peter Applegarth said: “One can only hope these little girls slowly succumbed to the growing heat of the day much earlier that morning and faded into a deep sleep from which they never returned.

“The alternative of them being awake, distressed and trapped in their seats is too much to bear thinking about it for too long.

“The sun had risen by 5am and did you check if the children were crying or upset? No, you did not. You were on your phone until 5.55am.”

She has been sentenced to nine years, but is eligible for parole in 2024.

Another mum spoke out about her daughter’s tragic death inside a hot car after her husband forgot she was there.

Kirstie Reeves-Cavaliero and her husband Brett tragically found their daughter Ray Ray dead in her car seat after she was forgotten.

The phenomenon of vehicular heatstroke – where a person’s body rapidly overheats while they’re inside a vehicle – has killed 819 children in the US in 20 years.

The mum has been sentenced to nine years in prison for their deaths
Darcey-Helen was only two years old when she died

A makeshift memorial was made outside of their home[/caption]

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