My neighbours tried to STEAL my dog Marley…they would feed her treats through the letterbox & even posted a creepy note

My neighbours tried to STEAL my dog Marley…they would feed her treats through the letterbox & even posted a creepy...

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A DOG owner has revealed her neighbours tried to steal her dog after feeding her treats and sending in a creepy note. 

The woman, who goes by the name of Meg on TikTok, shared a video talking about the absurdly funny incident. 

Meg revealed on TiklTok her neighbours tried to steal her dog away
The neighbours would feed Marley treats and would take her for walks every day

Meg starts the video by saying she still cannot believe her neighbours tried to steal her dog – but has proof to back up her funny anecdote. 

The story goes back to 2016 when she was a teenager living in Holland with her dad. 

One day, new neighbours moved into a house right across the street where she lived. 

It was a family of a father, mother, daughter and a little dog.

At first, they seemed like any other normal family – but things took a weird turn soon. 

One day, the mother and daughter from the neighbouring family knocked on Meg’s door to ask if they could take her Marley out for a walk. 

While it seemed a little absurd at first because they had a dog themselves, Meg and her father thought they must be trying to be “good neighbours”. 

They allowed the mother and daughter to take Marley out for a walk and even offered the neighbours money in return. 

However, the neighbours did not stop there. 

They would come every single day and ask Meg and her father if they could take Marley out for a walk. 

Soon Meg stopped answering the door when the neighbours showed up – and things took a strange turn after that. 

The neighbours would now yell at Meg and her father through the letterbox and say: “Hello, is anyone home? We are here to take Marley out for a walk.”

After Meg completely stopped attending the door, the neighbours soon started to throw in treats for Marley through the letterbox. 

Soon, they started stalking Meg after school which the 16-year-old found extremely creepy. 

 They would knock on the door every time she came back to the house and request her to take Marley out. 

They would insist on it and complain about how Marley was not being taken out for walks enough. 

In a crazy turn of events, they sent a letter to Meg and her father advising them to give away Marley because of their lack of time and effort to take care of the dog. 

They wrote: “We noticed you have a very busy life…and are always away from the house.

“If it would be helpful to you, we could introduce a friend of ours who loves Marley and would be happy to adopt her. 

“We know it is not easy to take care of a dog with such a busy schedule.

Meg was left speechless when she saw the note from her crazy neighbours and decided to keep Marley away from them. 

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