My parents stopped talking to me because of my career – I don’t care, I make £90,000 a MONTH

My parents stopped talking to me because of my career – I don’t care, I make £90,000 a MONTH

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A WOMAN says her parents stopped talking to her because of her career choice – but she doesn’t care, as she makes almost six figures per month.

Mikaela Testa, 22, makes a whopping £90,000 per month, but revealed the rift formed in her family due to her non-traditional career choice.

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Mikaela Testa said her parents don’t support her[/caption]

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It comes after another tearful ordeal over border control in the United States[/caption]

Speaking on an Instagram question and answer this week, a fan asked how her mum and dad reacted to her choice of joining OnlyFans.

Mikaela said: “They disowned me and haven’t spoken to me since.”

Mikaela found fame on the adult website after joining, and now boasts more than 2.3million followers, along with over 720,000 followers on Instagram.

In 2021, Mikaela revealed she spends more than £2,600 on clothes each week because she “doesn’t like to wear the same thing”.

In the video where she made the controversial comment, she was wearing a pair of Air Jordan 1 High OG Twists, which would set you back £1,919.

Commenters were left unimpressed when they found out how often she buys clothes, with many branding it as “wasteful”.

“Donate your clothes if you don’t wear them twice,” one person wrote.

“That’s so wasteful. We know you’re rich but you should still be making somewhat a conscious decision and be held accountable for your actions,” another person said.

“Do you care about the environment?” one commenter asked.

She also made headlines after she was detained upon landing in LA from Perth for “being too pretty”.

She told her 2.3million followers that immediately after stepping off her 20-hour flight, she was detained by border officials.

The X-rated content creator explained she “had that sinking feeling in her stomach” that she was in serious trouble.

Stifling tears, Mikaela said: “When I gave them my passport… I was flagged or something because they took me straight to secondary.

“When you’re detained you have no rights; they can seize your devices forever.”

She was interrogated about her OnlyFans content and alleged that officers brought up saucy snaps of her scantily clad as they trawled through her phone.

The brunette bombshell said her visa was “revoked” and she was ultimately deported back to Australia due to a discrepancy on her ESTA form.

Her explosive storytime left social media users stunned, with the video quickly racking up nearly two million views in less than 24 hours.

The Aussie reassured fans she had arrived home safely and shared a snap of downtown Sydney from her plane window.

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The Aussie influencer said her mum and dad haven’t spoken to her since she made the career switch[/caption]

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