My Uber driver broke into my apartment while I slept – but most chilling thing was that he never stole a thing

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A WOMAN has told how an Uber driver broke into her apartment while she slept after he dropped her home.

Terrifying video from a doorbell camera shows the man standing in the doorway before creepily sneaking around the home.

TikTok user Gigi has told how an Uber driver broke into her home
The driver was caught creeping around on a Ring doorbell camera

TikTok user Gigi told followers of the terrifying experience last week.

She says she and her boyfriend had gotten a ride with the driver at around 12.50am and the couple went straight to bed.

The next morning she checked her Ring camera and found a terrifying clip which was recorded at 1.40am.

It showed the driver, wearing a hoody, cap and facemask wandering around her home.

Gigi explained: “I don’t know what his intentions were if my door wasn’t locked in my room. He didn’t steal anything, which is weird, because we had so many valuables out and stuff.

“I walked out of my room and saw my living area screen had been cut open.”

She says cops have now launched an investigation.

An Uber spokesperson said: “This driver’s actions are unacceptable, and we’ve been in touch with the rider regarding her terrifying experience.

“The driver has been banned from the Uber app, and we are standing ready to help law enforcement in their investigation.”