Mystery as mum, dad & two daughters found dead in river after vanishing from wedding – with key clues in submerged car

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TWO sisters along with their mum and dad have been found dead in a river after vanishing on their home from a wedding.

Police in the Netherlands are now looking at whether their car’s sat nav may have taken them in the wrong direction.

Emergency services searching the river Lek in the Netherlands
Police are looking at whether the car’s sav nav was to blame

The family were reported missing after last been seen at the wedding in the city of Rotterdam on Saturday night.

Friends and family put out desperate pleas on social media for any information on their whereabouts.

A woman’s body was spotted in the Lek river on Sunday afternoon by a hiker.

But when emergency services pulled her from the river, it emerged she had been dead for several hours, Rijnmond reports.



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A helicopter was then called in and another body was then found in the river.

After shipping on the river was then stopped, further searches by the local fire brigade found the car with two more people found inside.

A road runs down to the river where a ferry runs between the towns of Bergambacht and Streefkerk on either side of the river.

On possible explanation for the tragedy is that the car’s sat nav may have mistaken the road as leading to a bridge or tunnel.

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