Nicola Judges and Lectures Meisha for Dancing on 90 Day Fiance Before The 90 Days

Nicola Judges and Lectures Meisha for Dancing on 90 Day Fiance Before The 90 Days

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During this week’s episode of 90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days, Meisha and Nicola spent more time together.

After seven years of theological mentoring, they have just a short time to decide if they’re compatible.

Meisha has specific things that she wants to see from Nicola. If they’re not engaged before she leaves, they’ll never marry.

And Nicola? He’s outraged that Meisha wants to go out dancing with him. There’s orthodox Catholicism, and there’s whatever Nicola has going on.


By Season 6, Episode 7, Meisha Johnson had been in Israel with Nicola for a few days.

She had real concerns about their compatibility. And it wasn’t just about her desire to meet his family before they make plans to marry.

Meisha wanted to know if Nicola would actually listen to her needs and take action. Thus far, he hadn’t really demonstrated that.


Together, they took a trip to the city of Haifa. It is one of the holy sites in their religion, Catholicism.

Shortly after their arrival, Meisha perceived that people were dressed a little more nicely than she was.

Ignoring the fact that she was dressed just fine, the people she spotted were at a wedding, and Nicola was dressed how he was, she opted to change. Into a dress.


Meisha’s wardrobe change went down in the back of the car. To her, this was normal — for years, she changed in odd places for her broadcast journalism job.

To Nicola, however, it was downright scandalous.

He labeled her “a little bit worldly” while trying to shield the window by striking an awkward pose.


On social media, numerous viewers pointed out that Nicola is fitting the mold of a certain type of guy.

The guy who doesn’t put any effort into his appearance, so he doesn’t understand why anyone else does.

More than that — the guy who wants a woman who looks picture-perfect all of the time, but actively resents the effort that she puts into it.


On the positive side, Nicola is showing some promising growth.

He has told at least some of his family about Meisha. After 7 years, it was overdue.

And Meisha made it clear to Nicola that they cannot simply take this time for themselves. After waiting for so long, this trip will define their future.


Meisha didn’t necessarily give Nicola an “ultimatum” as some have characterized. But she did clarify the plan.

Either she leaves israel engaged to Nicola, or she leaves as his ex. She’s a grown woman.

Nicola did not expect this. They both felt that their union is fated, but it sounds like he was taking it for granted that she’d marry him no matter what.


While in a trendy, modern city, Meisha wanted to go out on the town with Nicola. She even talked him into an overshirt, it seems.

But that, to Nicola, is where the fun stops.

Meisha might like having a good time, but in his mind, going to a bar or a nightclub is immersing oneself in temptation and sin.


Meisha was able to convince Nicola to give it a shot.

“I don’t stay more than half hours,” he warned her.

Anyone can opt for an early evening, of course. But Nicola also seemed to feel that Meisha was being a bad Catholic by … dancing?


Meisha drinking alcohol, dancing, clubbing, and he annual smoking of a single cigarette are all against Nicola’s version of orthodox Catholicism.

Meisha is a devout, extremely orthodox Catholic. But Nicola is on a whole other level.

Many viewers, particularly Catholics and ex-Catholics, have taken to social media to express their confusion. Where in Catholic theology is Nicola’s stance coming from?


To some, he sounds more like an offshoot of Calvinism than Catholic doctrine.

Particularly, we would point out that some Christian theology upholds experiencing and then resisting temptation.

To be blunt, if we remember Christian theological writing correctly, Jesus went to the garden in Gethsemane and resisted temptation — instead of simply not going at all.


This brought up an important topic for Meisha. Because it’s not just that she, also a devout Catholic, is fine with having a good time and not taking things to a “sinful” level.

She has two daughters. One is a young adult, the other is just a couple of years younger. Will Nicola be judging them if they have a social life?

Nicola said no. Not because he approves, but because he doesn’t want to clash with them and thus sabotage his relationship with Meisha.


Ultimately, Nicola ended up having a lot of fun in the nightclub. Dancing with Meisha will do that.

However, some viewers are already predicting that he’s going to hold this against Meisha.

It will depend. Is his resistance to having fun rooted in his understanding of theology, or is it really about control?

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