People say I’m Germany’s hottest cop – creepy men have asked me to arrest them and my boss has seen my racy snaps

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A POLICE officer dubbed ‘Germany’s hottest cop’ says creepy men often ask her to arrest them.

When she is not fighting crime, Adrienne Koleszar shares racy snaps of herself with her 538,000 Instagram followers.

Adrienne has been dubbed Germany’s hottest cop
Social Media

The stunning cop often shares racy bikini snaps on Instagram[/caption]


The cop says men ask her to arrest them[/caption]

The 37-year-old makes sure the streets of Dresden are safe- even though she admits sometimes men come on to her too strong.

In an interview with Bild, the Instagram star revealed that there have been fans trying to approach her by asking her to arrest them.

And even though it’s usually on the Internet rather than when she is on duty, it’s still a creepy way of flirting.

The stunning blonde started working out at the age of 17 because she felt like an “ugly duckling with braces.”



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After years of hard work, the hot cop enjoys showing off her well-trained body in gym wear and skimpy bikinis.

Adrienne who previously had to make the tough choice between policing and modelling is well aware that even her bosses have seen her saucy snaps.

She told the outlet: “The Chief of Police at the Dresden Police Headquarters has been informed about my activities on the Internet. 

“He tolerates my appearance as an athlete and role model, as long as the pictures and texts are within an appropriate framework.”

Back in 2019, the cop was given an ultimatum by police bosses unhappy about her frequent bikini pics on social media, but after a break travelling the world, she chose the uniform over the bikini.

The star announced her decision in a video and said: “I’m going to work. I’m going back on the beat, I’m putting my uniform on.

“I’m looking forward to January, even though I know it’ll be a very difficult month. I don’t have to give anything up.

“I’ll still be on Instagram on social media – of course not as much as in the last six months but I’ll still be just as present as I was before July 1.”

Social Media

Adrienne previously had to decide between her job and modelling[/caption]

Social Media

She chose being a full-time cop and only model part-time[/caption]