Politics & Inclusion dinner a night to celebrate journalists of color

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For the second year in a row, some of the nation’s leading and rising journalists of color gathered on Friday for the Politics & Inclusion dinner as part of the White House Correspondents weekend. 

Media giants like Gayle King, dressed flawlessly in a royal blue jumpsuit, and April Ryan, in a flowing pink gown, were among those gathered at Masseria for a night of celebration. Even comedian Roy Wood Jr. — this year’s entertainment at the White House Correspondents’ Association dinner — made an appearance. 

Abby Phillip, anchor of CNN’s Inside Politics Sunday, and Lauren Wesley Wilson, CEO of ColorComm Corporation, hosted this year’s celebration. 

It’s the second year the event ran to honor the diverse voices of journalists of color, and Phillip said she was “thrilled” to do it again. 

“It’s such a great opportunity for so many people who have supported each other from afar and close by to gather during this weekend,” Phillip told The Hill.

“I think it’s so important that we take a moment to just sit down and relax and recognize that what we’re doing is really important, that everybody here is really moving the needle forward in terms of diversity,” she added. 

It was a glamorous night for many. Chatter and laughter bubbled as guests enjoyed Chef Nicholas Stefanelli’s five-course menu and the music of a live saxophonist. 

But there was also an emotional element, Phillip said, as so many of those gathered were able to share their pride in each others’ work. 

“I think we’re so proud of each other, honestly, and you really feel that in this room when everybody gathers,” said Phillip. “Everybody is so proud of one another and what we’ve all accomplished and that is something that really warms my heart.”

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