<div>Private ISLAND for sale in wine country for less than a London terrace…& a few fixes may mean you’d NEVER need to leave</div>

Private ISLAND for sale in wine country for less than a London terrace…& a few fixes may mean you’d NEVER...

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A BEAUTIFUL island is up for sale in a wonderful part of the world and will cost you less than the average London terrace.

The luxurious spot sits in a popular wine region in France and only needs a few small fixes to make it the perfect getaway you’ll never need to return from.

Denniel Immobilier

The new home on the private island is up for sale for a bargain price[/caption]

Denniel Immobilier

Inside the living room of the neo-medieval main home with a grand fireplace and raised ceilings[/caption]

Denniel Immobilier

The private island takes up 33-hectares in France and includes a barn[/caption]

Denniel Immobilier

The island is surrounded by a beautiful lake and a plethora of large century-old trees[/caption]

On the island sits a hunting lodge and an agricultural barn which could all be yours for a bargain price.

The listing explains the island: “Exploited in the past for agriculture and vines, it became a holiday resort in the nineteenth century when a large Saumur wine family, Bouvet Ladubay, built the current hunting lodge on a hill.

“This charming property with its neo-medieval architecture is in need of a complete restoration having been uninhabited for a century.”

The large main home has an impressive living room with medieval high ceilings and a crackling fireplace with the Bouvet-Ladubay family crest sitting on top.

A kitchen and two grand staircases make up the bottom floor as you get led to the pair of bedrooms upstairs.

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Finally an attic sits on the top floor.

Then a pair of huge barns sit across from the lodge made of half wood and half bricks.

The island is located in a stunning UNESCO-linked National Park in the Loire Valley – meaning it is legally protected from any new development nearby.

It sits just down the river from the small town of Saumur and is close by to Angers and the western city of Nantes.

It is constantly surrounded by towering Atlas cedar trees stretching all around as marine life spend their days in the great lakes from gracious swans to friendly frogs and birds constantly fly overhead.

With culture and history plastered across the lake with two small, charming villages on either bank.

One village is home to a large church as the other boasts a classed medieval tower.

You could snap up the amazing new home for just £600,000 – a far cry from the average price of a terraced house in London.

Famous housing specialists Rightmove say in 2023, “terraced properties sold for an average of £780,402” meaning the lucky owner of the private island is really cashing in.

What needs fixing?

The gorgeous island takes up a mammoth 33-hectares and is the ideal place for anyone looking to escape the busy city life and experience an unrivalled amount of peace and quiet.

But outside of the endless greenery creating a blissful quiet, the other reason is because there isn’t believed to be a phone line on the island and it takes hiring a boat to have any visitors.

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The estate agents selling the property described it as “charming” but did also add that it is in need of “complete restoration”.

One potential stumbling block concerns the lack of water and electricity supplies in place on the island.

Despite the main source of both being non existent, there is a well which can be used for water.

This means a lot of the other issues can be simply solved by installing a generator on the island.

Adding in the fact that farming can be done with ease because of the huge amount of free land on your doorstep – although new livestock is banned.

This means that the island can become self-sustainable in just a few easy steps.

Currently the buildings are sat unfurnished on the island and in need of a thorough clean up and a complete revamp to bring it in to the modern day.

Windows will need to be refitted and a fresh set of paint will be spread across the white walls as well as a whole new bunch of furniture and basic living essentials.

The property can be found on the Denniel Immobilier website.

Recently a real-life “Bond villain” private island with a luxury villa, swimming pool and helipad was pit up for sale.

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The stunning off-grid lair comes at a hefty price, however, with sellers listing it for an eye-watering $16.5million (£13.1million) – but it costs nothing to run.

Elsewhere, a stunning paradise island where you don’t have to pay any bills could also become your very own private escape.

Elizabeth Island in Australia has been listed for sale and boasts two houses — with a permit for a third — and a caravan site across its 65.5 acres of land.

And a private island complete with a helicopter pad and a bespoke salt water swimming pool is up for grabs for the price of a London flat.

Poole Island, situated in the Whitsunday Islands between the Great Barrier Reef and Queensland, comes with two homes.

Denniel Immobilier

The island doesn’t have a water or electricity mains and it isn’t clear if there’s a phone line[/caption]

Denniel Immobilier

The island is located in a stunning UNESCO-linked National Park in the Loire Valley[/caption]

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