‘Proof of time travel’ as brothers think their granddad was holding iPhone in WW2 picture

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TWO brothers consider their grandfather is holding a modern-day cell phone in a photograph relationship again to World War II – which they bizarrely declare could also be proof he’s a time-traveller.

In a video with practically 16,000 likes, one TikTok consumer is claiming their ancestor was like “Captain America” after discovering a photograph that appears to indicate the younger soldier holding a bucket and an object with a putting similarity to an iPhone.

The puzzling picture has many questioning if Papa George was a time traveller
The picture seems to indicate him holding an object with a putting similarity to an iPhone

TikTok consumer Jimmy the Filmmaker posted the video on his account with 10,000 followers, however many viewers are sceptical of the far-fetched idea.

One viewer commented, ”It’s a mirror, usually used to flash Morse code.”

Another mentioned the alleged iPhone was a army shaving mirror, as the person in the picture additionally had a towel over his shoulder and a can of water.

Others have been fast to defend Jimmy’s farfetched declare, with one consumer commenting, “all the technology we are using today existed thousands of years ago.”

The man in the picture is Jimmy’s grandfather, who he affectionately calls “Papa George”.

Jimmy is one of many TikTok customers that declare to witness time travellers – and even predict the longer term themselves.

In October, one TikTok account predicted a giant asteroid would destroy half of America, and new life could be discovered on distant planets.

Another lately claimed to be a time-traveller from the yr 5000 and supplied photographic proof of the apocalypse – together with pictures of Los Angeles underwater.

Known solely as Edward, he insists he was despatched to the longer term after collaborating in a top-secret experiment in 2004.

The object in the picture has left TikTok viewers puzzled

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