Putin CONFIRMS first successful test of ‘flying Chernobyl’ nuclear missile which ‘can stay airborne for weeks’

Putin CONFIRMS first successful test of ‘flying Chernobyl’ nuclear missile which ‘can stay airborne for weeks’

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PRESIDENT Vladimir Putin has confirmed that Russia has successfully tested a dangerous nuclear missile that can stay airborne for weeks.

The missile, nicknamed flying Chernobyl has a potential range of thousands of miles.

A Russian nuclear weapon called Burevestnik is allegedly ready to be used

Putin refused to answer if nuclear weapons testing was happening in his country for the first time in over three decades[/caption]

Putin stayed quiet about if he’s given the green light for nuclear weapons tests in Russia, which would be the first time in more than three decades its happened.

The tyrant said for the first time Moscow had successfully tested the Burevestnik, a nuclear-powered and nuclear-capable cruise missile coined Flying Chernobyl.

He also said that Russia had almost completed work on its Sarmat intercontinental ballistic missile system, another key element of its new generation of nuclear weapons.

Putin, who has repeatedly reminded the world of Russia’s ability to use nuclear weapons since invading Ukraine, said no one in their right mind would use nuclear weapons against Russia.

He said: “Such a number of our missiles – hundreds, hundreds – would appear in the air that not a single enemy would have a chance of survival”.

Russia has not tested nukes since 1990, the year before the collapse of the Soviet Union, but Putin declined to rule out the possibility it could start up again.

Military analysts have warned if Russia, the US or both began testing again it would be “profoundly destabilising” because of the high tensions between the two countries.

In February, Putin suspended Russia’s participation in the New START treaty that limits the number of nuclear weapons each country can use.

Putin has said openly that he wouldn’t be afraid to use a nuke in response to a strike against Russia or if he feels threatened that another country could.

Responding to a question from Russian analyst Sergei Karaganov, a big advocate of lowering the threshold for nuclear use, the leader said: “I simply don’t see the need for this.

“There is no situation today in which, say, something would threaten Russian statehood and the existence of the Russian state.

“No. I think no person of sound mind and clear memory would think of using nuclear weapons against Russia.”

Karaganov has raised eyebrows with his passionate arguments saying it’s time for Russia to lower its threshold for nuclear use in order to “contain, frighten and sober up our opponents”.

He wrote in one recent article that Russia should “shake up” its enemies by threatening nuclear attacks on European countries and US bases in Europe.

This all comes just days after reports showed that 13 previous tests of the fearsome missile have failed.

As satellite pictures and aviation data suggested the Russian tyrant – who celebrates his 71st birthday on Saturday – may be poised to launch the “doomsday” weapon.

The new confirmed nuke is just part of Putin’s terrifying arsenal of up to 6,000 others and lots of feared super weapons.


13 previous missile tests have failed in Russia according to reports[/caption]

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