Reason Nigerian govt wants Nnamdi Kanu to remain jailed – Lawyer Ejimakor

Reason Nigerian govt wants Nnamdi Kanu to remain jailed – Lawyer Ejimakor

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Aloy Ejimakor, Special Counsel to Nnamdi Kanu, leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, has said the Nigerian Government knows it can’t convict the Biafra agitator with the level of evidence available.

To this end, Ejimakor said it’s time to end the trial of the IPOB leader.

Ejimakor noted that Kanu was not subjected to judicial trial but trial by ordeal.

He stressed that the Nigerian Government is aware that convicting Kanu will be impossible with the evidence on ground.

Kanu was first arrested in 2015 but was granted bail in 2017 but later fled Nigeria to Europe after a military invasion of his residence in Abia State.

He was later rearrested in Kenya and subjected to an extraordinary rendition back to Nigeria in 2021.

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Upon his return to Nigeria, the IPOB leader has been through several courts in Nigeria and the United Nations in a bid to secure his release.

Despite his move, the Nigerian Government refused to release Kanu amid court rulings granting him bail.

However, in a video he released yesterday, the lawyer recounted Kanu’s ordeal right from when he was first arrested in 2015 up until his rearrest in June 2021 in Kenya.

According to Ejimakor: “If Kanu was guilty then why is it taking so long to bring him to trial between 2017 till today which is eight years? It’s not really a judicial trial but trial by ordeal, trial by fire, imprisonment before conviction. They just want to get much jail time from him because they know that with the evidence available, a conviction will be impossible and that was made worse with the extraordinary rendition which I took as a civil violation to a Federal High Court in Nigeria and in October 2022, the court gave a judgment that extraordinary rendition was a violation of his constitutional right and awarded a N500 million as damages.

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“The United Nations which is the world court, the Nigerian Court of Appeal, the Federal High Court, and state High Court awarded Kanu one billion naira from where he had gotten four major victories against the Nigerian Government with the latter winning nothing. What more do you need as evidence of what is happening? What is happening is an act of persecution, not prosecution, it’s time to end it and on Kanu’s behalf, I ask all men and women of goodwill to speak up.

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“Kanu is a poster boy for all the injustices that a great race, the Igbo people and their cousins in the former Eastern Nigeria subjected to since the founding of Nigeria. These injustices became more public since 2015 they escalated and how you fight back is not through a bullet.”

Reason Nigerian govt wants Nnamdi Kanu to remain jailed – Lawyer Ejimakor

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