Released asylum seekers to get ankle bracelets, curfews

Released asylum seekers to get ankle bracelets, curfews

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Home Affairs Minister Clare O’Neil has revealed the government’s plan to keep watch on asylum seeker detainees released from indefinite detention after a recent High Court decision.

The High Court last week overturned a key plank of Australia’s immigration regime, ruling indefinite detention was illegal if the prospect of deportation was remote.

The decision sparked a scramble to deal with the release of 83 detainees, including three murderers, several sexual offenders and an alleged hitman from Malaysia.

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Home Affairs Minister Clare O'Neil.

The government has met with criticism for not being prepared for the court’s decision.

This morning, O’Neil fronted media to reveal the proposed new controls for those who had been released into the community.

Ankle bracelets and curfews will be mandatory, and any breach of conditions will result in immediate jail time.

“If I had any legal power to do it I would keep every one of those people in detention,” O’Neil said.

“Some of those people have committed deplorable, disgusting crimes.”

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She said the government would set the “strictest possible conditions” for those released.

Labor is calling for bipartisan support from the Coalition to push the laws through Parliament at speed.

Government ministers have also warned that further legislation could be necessary, with the High Court yet to release its written judgement.

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