Russian fighter jet crashes into house after pilots ‘suffocate in cockpit’ killing both in latest blow to Mad Vlad

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ANOTHER one of Vladimir Putin’s fighter planes has crashed in Russia after both pilots reportedly blacked out and suffocated in the cockpit before hitting a house.

The SU-30 fell nose-first into a suburb of Irkutsk while on a test flight from the Irkutsk Aviation Plant in the latest embarrassment for Vladimir Putin.

Russian Su-30 warplane crashes on house in latest Putin setback.

Russia has seen at least 11 military plane crashes on home soil since the war started which were unrelated to the battlefield.

Putin’s military is understood to be wildly corrupt and has been hopelessly exposed in his brutal war against Ukraine.

Vlad’s men are undertrained, underequipped and what gear they have is believed to have been poorly maintained or out-of-date.

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