SEAN HANNITY: Biden is back hiding in his basement

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Fox News host Sean Hannity says voters are at a “tipping point” as former President Trump is polling ahead of President Biden in major battleground states on “Hannity.” 

SEAN HANNITY: It is a tough pill to swallow for so many on the left. You see that? 215 days. This is an inflection point for this country. This is a tipping point for this country. There is a very real possibility that Donald J. Trump can be your president-elect. Anything can happen in 215 days, but Trump is now consistently polling ahead of Biden in almost every single battleground state, according to a brand-new Wall Street Journal poll just out.  

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While Trump is leading in six out of seven swing states, up by five in the important state of Arizona, four in Nevada, three in Michigan, three in Pennsylvania, one in Georgia — that needs to get larger — six in North Carolina and in the seventh state, Wisconsin, Trump and Biden are tied. Let us be clear, very clear, these results are not unusual. In poll after poll, President Trump is beating Biden nationwide and beating him in what we believe will be the key swing states, but according to Dr. Jill Biden, well, the polls don’t really exist. They are but a mere figment of your imagination. 

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According to RNC Research — think about this — it has been a whopping 279 days since President Joe actually participated in a real, live sit-down interview. In other words, Joe is back hiding in his basement with a few campaign visits and a lot of fundraisers sprinkled in here, there when they can. Now, it’s not because he doesn’t have the time, because Joe frequently spends entire days without anything on his public calendar. 

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