Secret cliff lair of ‘assassinated’ warlord Prigozhin near Putin’s £1bn palace is REVEALED as heir puts it up for sale

Secret cliff lair of ‘assassinated’ warlord Prigozhin near Putin’s £1bn palace is REVEALED as heir puts it up for sale

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THE son of an assassinated Russian warlord is selling his secret cliff lair near to Vladimir Putin’s £1billion palace.

Pavel Progozhin, 25, son of Yevgeny, is getting rid of the cliffside Black Sea retreat that used to belong to his infamous father. 

It is a 431,000 sq ft plot of land looking over a cliff into the Black Sea

Pavel Progozhin, 25, inherited his dad’s assets when he died including the secret lair[/caption]

The Prigozhin estate is made up of 11 houses, two swimming pools, a helipad and a private pier near Cape Door.

It will set brave buyers back just £1.25million as it goes up for sale at a huge knockdown price.

Surveillance cameras are also noted as being every 10 metres around the estate but the once scary presence of Prigozhin’s armed guards have gone since the warlord’s death.

The hidden lair was built close to Putin’s pricey palace when he and the Wagner mercenary army owner were good friends. 

A former ally of the president, Yevgeny Prigozhin, 62, had attempted and failed to overthrow the Kremlin with a violent uprising in June.

Just two months later the jet he was travelling on was blown out of the sky in a fiery crash.

All ten onboard were killed, and the Wagner group quickly came out to declare their suspicions that despot Putin was behind his ‘assassination’.

Others claimed that his body double was on the plane, not him, and Prigozhin had quietly escaped abroad

Son Pavel, has inherited his father’s “entire assets“, including the house on a quiet 431,000 sq ft plot, according to reports. 

Pavel has been seen relaxing at the house since his father’s death earlier this year.

He was also pictured naked on board his father’s £4.35million huge Vitamin yacht, assumed to be part of his inheritance from his billionaire dad.

Pavel is believed to spend most of his time there with his wife Ekaterina Inkina, the daughter of a St Petersburg banking and banqueting mogul Sergei Inkin.

Despite enjoying the Gelendzhik home just 20 miles away from Putin’s holiday home, it has gone up for sale today, said reports in St Petersburg.

The controversial house went against the current environmental rules that existed in 2016 suggesting the man known as Putin’s chef got special allowance to build his home as he liked. 

The executive director of ecology group, Civil Initiative Against Environmental Crime, Dmitry Shevchenko, revealed pictures of the Prigozhin house and explained how it got around the environmental rules.

He said: “Water is still splashing in the pool, there is a shower on the beach to use after swimming in the sea, and the forest around is still fenced.

Shevchenko went on to claim the construction amounted to “land seizure”, but Prigozhin, at the time, was well protected by Putin so the land was classes as a game farm to comply with the rules.

It follows reports that showed the location of Putins top secret hideaway in southern Russia that sits below his luxourious palace near to the Prigozhin estate.

His fortified Black Sea bunker sits 50 metres below the surface and is fit for a James Bond villain with the secret tunnels connecting it all together.


The secret cliff lair is up for sale at £1.25million at a knockdown price[/caption]


Pavel and Violetta, 83, the mother of the assassinated warlord at his funeral earlier this year[/caption]

The estate is just 20 miles away from Putin’s £1billion palace

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