Shock moment 150 football ultras from notorious La Familia gang storm Israeli hospital hunting Hamas terrorists

Shock moment 150 football ultras from notorious La Familia gang storm Israeli hospital hunting Hamas terrorists

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ABOUT 150 Israeli football ultras have stormed a Tel Aviv hospital following reports a Hamas terrorist was being treated at the facility.

Videos from the scene show a horde of men entering the Sheba Medical Centre to remove the wounded “terrorist”.


More than 100 hard-right Israeli football ultras stormed a hospital on Wednesday night[/caption]


The group reportedly believed a Hamas terrorist was being treated at the centre[/caption]

Many were held off by security guards, but some appeared to have slipped through the sliding-door entrance.

It comes after Israeli news site Ynet reported that three Hamas terrorists were being treated in hospitals across Israel.

The La Familia ultras, who support the Beitar Jerusalem football club, are notorious for chants insulting Arab players, with lines including “death to the Arabs”.

They have in the past been accused of carrying out violent attacks against Arabs.

Israel‘s Health Minister Moshe Arbel issued a directive to the public health system to refuse treatment of captured terrorists on Wednesday afternoon.

He said: “Since the beginning of the fighting, the issue of treating the damned and despicable Hamas terrorists within the public hospitals has piled up a tremendous difficulty on the health system.

“In these difficult times, the health system should focus fully on the treatment of the victims of the criminal massacre, the IDF soldiers and preparedness for the next.

“The task of securing and treating the cursed and despicable terrorists within the public health system significantly harms these efforts and therefore, under my guidance, the public health system will not treat them.”

All Hamas members receiving treatment in Israel’s public facilities were transferred to facilities run by security services.

The ultras group is understood to have descended on the Sheba Medical Centre in the hours after Arbel’s statement, amid speculation one of the three injured Hamas terrorists was a patient there.

But the Hamas fighter was relocated before they arrived, according to a reporter at the scene.

Sheba Medical Centre has been one of the main facilities treating those wounded after Hamas launched its assault on Saturday.

Three people were arrested in the hospital scuffle, according to local media.

Israel’s military has today warned more than one million people to evacuate as they prepare to unleash their troops into Gaza to eradicate Hamas in revenge for its deadly incursion.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu vowed to crush Hamas terrorists after gunmen stormed over the border and brutally shot down men, women and children.

It comes as…


The Hamas fighter was reportedly relocated before the ultra group arrived[/caption]

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