Shock moment armed McDonald’s employee is arrested outside school after ‘shooting female customer dead in restaurant’

Shock moment armed McDonald’s employee is arrested outside school after ‘shooting female customer dead in restaurant’

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A MCDONALD’S employee has been charged with murder after he allegedly shot a female customer and then fled.

Hendersonville Police said that Sam Antway Ivey and Jacklyn Marie Reed, 30, were arguing outside of the McDonald’s in North Carolina shortly before the tragic shooting.


Sam Antway Ivey was arrested without incident outside of a local elementary school[/caption]


Sam allegedly shot a female customer at his place of work[/caption]

Reed left, but returned soon after and was met by the manager and Ivey whom she “touched” during the disturbance.

Ivey then pulled out a concealed handgun and shot Reed before he fled the scene in his vehicle, and police were called to the scene.

Police Chief Blair Myhand said: “There is no dispute. We know exactly what happened.

“This was a matter-of-fact shooting. Based on what we see in surveillance video, this was a far over-reaction to the situation that was happening.”

Reed was shot between the collar bones, and reportedly died at the scene – shocking the small North Carolina town which hasn’t seen a homicide occur in years.

Ivey is currently being held without bond after a School Resource Deputy at Edenyville Elementary School recognised that he had a child attending the school and alerted police.

When Ivey arrived at the school, he was immediately apprehended by the deputy at the school’s parking lot.

Henderson Police said in a statement: “Detectives do not believe the suspect intended harm at the school.

“The Hendersonville Police Department is appreciative of the assistance provided by the Henderson County Sheriff’s Office in the swift apprehension of the suspect. “

Reed had reportedly been visiting Hendersonville for five days, in which time police received multiple calls about her “erratic and alarming behaviour”.

“This was a senseless cold-blooded crime,” says Myhand. “This crime to me was completely senseless, and if you watched it on TV, you would not expect the result that happened.” 

It remains unclear if Ivey has retained an attorney or entered a plea bargain.

Earlier this year, a teenage girl was stabbed to death outside of a McDonalds over a fight over sauces.

Cops have arrested another teen after Naima Liggon, 16, was killed in the brutal stabbing in Washington D.C. on Sunday around 2am.

A fight had reportedly broken out between her and another teen after the pair argued over sweet and sour sauce, according to The Washington Post.

Naima was then rushed to a local hospital after the attack but tragically didn’t survive her injuries.

She is said to have been stabbed with a seven-and-a-half-inch pocketknife in both her chest and abdomen.


The town of Hendersonville hasn’t had a murder in years[/caption]

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