Strange dots appear in Australia outback sparking alien conspiracy theories – but it’s divided opinion

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STRANGE dots have appeared in the outback in Australia sparking alien conspiracy theories.

The objects popped up on Google Maps and have led to a fierce debate about what they could be.


The strange dots and markings were spotted in outback Australia[/caption]


Some looked beyond planet earth for explanations[/caption]

The dots and markings were found in Queensland, about 40 miles from the town of Longreach.

Explanations began with the mundane before others inevitably let their imagination run wild and talk turned to UFOs.

The photo was first shared by a Reddit user, who said they found the markings while looking at Australia on Google maps.

“Found these strange dots and lines out in the middle of nowhere, saw it when looking at the satellite google map view,” they said.



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Initially the focus of explanations was on mining activity in the area.

“Mining site with blast layouts?” one user guessed.

“Slurry pits from exploration drill rigs, and maybe costeans across the dry lake beds,” another commented, referring to pits dug by miners.

Others soon began applying a bit of creativity as they tried to guess what the white lines were.

“I reckon it‘s trees that have been pushed up by a dozer and burned, leaving white ash piles behind,” one said.

Some guessed that it was bales or piles of cotton that could have been harvested nearby.

But the strange markings proved too tempting proved for some as they sought answers in alien life.

One Reddit user said that with “Area 51 is too closely monitored” UFOs “are now parked here in Longreach, cause who goes there”.

The Area 51 facility in Nevada is the common name of a highly classified at the United States Air Force facility within the Nevada Test and Training Range.

Conspiracy theorists believe it was used to store, examine and reverse engineer crashed alien spacecraft, including material supposedly recovered from the 1950s Roswell crash.

It comes after an eagle eyed mum spotted an alien-like hexagon pattern etched into a remote Australian coastal town.

Curious mum-of-two Vanessa Hammond shared the bizarre formation on social media after spotting it on Google Maps.

Her clip reveals a location somewhere over the Cape Range National Park in Western Australia.

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As she zooms in, an orange, hexagonal compound with intersecting lines appears close to the coast.

The futuristic pattern appears to be chiselled into the desert landscape.

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