Stunning Spanish village offers Brits three months free rent and rock-bottom cost of living if they move there

Stunning Spanish village offers Brits three months free rent and rock-bottom cost of living if they move there

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A SMALL village in the Spanish countryside is offering Brits free rent and cheap living to move there, and there’s no catch.

The stunning village of Griegos in the mountains of north-eastern Spain is doing everything it can to survive, including paying for new residents.


The village is offering families a chance to have the village idyll for free[/caption]


Griegos only has 132 residents left[/caption]

The village currently has only 132 registered inhabitants and in the face of rapid depopulation has had to resort to more drastic measures to attract fresh punters.

Griegos is offering new inhabitants new jobs along with three months free rent in the hope they will bring life back to the village.

However, you have to be a family with kids, as it is hoped that the new residents will help save the local school, which has just nine students, with plans for a second class.

After the three months is up, the rent will rise to £198 thereafter but with a £44 discount for every child of school age you bring with you.

The local council is willing to fork out cash to attract new residents as its seen crumbling property prices and its population dramatically decline in recent years.

Across the Spanish countryside, many villages and towns have suffered from the exodus of their residents onto new places and cities.

Without inhabitants, essential services like schools and shops have been forced to shut, which further fuels the crisis that is being dubbed “shrinking Spain”.

The effect has been a littering of ghost towns up and down the country – a tragedy which local councils are desperately trying to prevent.

Griegos is one such initiative to try to curb its shrinking and other local councils will be looking to the initiative to test the waters.

With its traditional architecture, picturesque churches and beautiful scenery – it’s incredibly tempting.

Plus, the cost of living there is far cheaper than busier areas in the country.

Elsewhere, one Swiss village is offering people £50,000 to move there but there’s a major catch.

Or a sunny Italian island is offering Brits £13,000 to move there – but it’s not all its cracked up to be.


The village is nestled in the mountains with stunning views[/caption]

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