Synchrony Bank pays high interest rates on CDs with no minimum deposit

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Syncrhony is an online-only institution.

Synchrony Bank CD rates

Term lengthAPY
3 months2.00% APY
6 months3.00% APY
9 months3.05% APY
1 year3.61% APY
13 months3.61% APY
14 months3.61% APY
15 months3.91% APY
16 months3.61% APY
18 months3.81% APY
19 months3.81% APY
2 years3.96% APY
3 years4.01% APY
4 years4.01% APY
5 years4.01% APY

Synchrony CD

Synchrony pays high rates on CDs. Most banks typically require at least $1,000 for an initial deposit, but Synchrony stands out because it doesn’t require any account minimums to open a CD. 

Synchrony vs. Discover Bank

Synchrony has higher CD rates than Discover. However, keep in mind rates may fluctuate so this can change in the future.

Your choice between the two banks could also come down to which term length you want. Synchrony offers a wider variety of shorter-term CDs, including 13-month, 14-month, and 15-month terms. But Synchrony’s longest term is 5 years, while Discover has 7-year and 10-year options.

Synchrony vs. Marcus

Synchrony CDs offer high interest rates than most Marcus CDs right now. However, keep in mind rates may fluctuate so this can change in the future.

You might like Marcus if you want to open a no-penalty CD, which doesn’t charge you for withdrawing funds before your CD matures. The Marcus No-Penalty CD pays competitive rates, too.

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