Tori Spelling Makes Public Appearance With Family After Fleeing Infested Home

Tori Spelling Makes Public Appearance With Family After Fleeing Infested Home

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Last month, Tori Spelling revealed that her family had fled their home and were looking for a new house.

This came after more than half a year of repeated mystery illnesses that had doctors baffled and schools frustrated.

Now that they know the cause of their sickness — a potentially deadly mold infestation — they can get back to their lives.

For Tori, Dean, and their kids, that also means making celebrity appearances at multiple events.

Stella McDermott, Tori Spelling, and Hattie McDermott attends the premiere of Freeform’s “Cruel Summer” Season 2 on May 31, 2023. (Getty)

Just a couple of weeks ago, Tori Spelling and two of her daughters showed up for the Season 2 premiere of Cruel Summer.

It makes sense that Tori brought Stella and Hattie. If you’ve ever gotten hooked on a Freeform show and then seen what 90% of the fanbase is like, you know that teen girls are their core demographic.

Once again at Urgent Care with her family, Tori Spelling shared photos to warn followers about the hidden dangers of mold. (Instagram)

This was only weeks after Tori shared a visit to urgent care — after finally getting answers.

An inspector had found that their home had a severe mold hazard. This was not a yucky stain in the bathtub — it rendered the home uninhabitable.

Tori and Dean had been renting the house, but this still left them desperately searching for a new permanent home. Ideally without disrupting the lives of their children any more than necessary. And this time? Mold-free, please.

Tori Spelling shared this outdoor selfie in April of 2023. (Instagram)

On social media, Tori Spelling models a stylish and comfortable-looking garment. (Instagram)

Then, on Saturday, June 10, Tori made another appearance. They attended a gala to benefit the Luskin Orthopaedic Institute for Children.

This time, she and Dean McDermott brought four of their children.

15-year-old Stella, 11-year-old Hattie, 10-year-old Finn, and 6-year-old Beau were all there. (16-year-old Liam was not, and neither was Dean’s son from a previous relationship, Jack McDermott)

Taking to her Instagram, Tori Spelling gushed about attending the Stand Up For Kids Gala in June of 2023. (Instagram)

“What an incredible evening attending the #standupforkidsgala supporting @luskinoic and the amazing work they do!” Tori wrote on Instagram.

“No kid and no family are ever turned away!” she declared. “No matter if uninsured.”

Tori then praised: “They are the best for pediatric orthopedic treatments! Such kind humans doing phenomenal work daily! Loved showing our kids what it’s like to give back.”

Tori Spelling’s warm caption about supporting the June 2023 Stand Up For Kids Gala mentioned that her friend hosted the charitable gathering. (Instagram)

The gala was not the only major event going down for the Spelling-McDermott family on Saturday, June 10.

It was also their daughter, Stella’s, birthday.

She turned 15 years old over the weekend. And Tori and Dean both sang her praises on social media to celebrate the occasion.

Finn Davey McDermott, Hattie Margaret McDermott, Stella Doreen McDermott, Tori Spelling, Dean McDermott, and Beau Dean McDermott attend Cold Stone Creamery Backstage at 2019 Teen Choice Awards on August 11, 2019. (Getty)

We mentioned Tori’s mold issue. Apparently, this unseen infestation had been sickening the family for three years — and was getting worse.

Tori and Dean also somewhat recently reconciled after seemingly being on the verge of divorce.

We don’t think that they can blame the mold for that one. Though toxic mold can have a number of impacts on the human mind.

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