Tori Spelling Shows Off Recovery Following Mysterious Hospitalization

Tori Spelling Shows Off Recovery Following Mysterious Hospitalization

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Looking back, it’s very clear that 2023 was not Tori Spelling’s year.

A potentially lethal infestation. A desperate housing search. Dean publicly announcing the end of their marriage. A major health scare.

But she’s trying her best to bounce back.

Tori’s latest public appearance featured a McDonald’s run and a crop top. It looks like she’s able to stand on her own again.

In 2023, Tori Spelling shared this sunny selfie while promoting her friend’s rose quartz jewelry. Gorgeous! (Instagram)

Last month, eyewitnesses spotted Tori Spelling leaving the hospital with bruises on her face.

If it was a fall, it was a serious one. Or, as many speculate, she may have fallen or otherwise injured her face as a result of some underlying condition. Such as the long-term effects of mold spore exposure.

Because Tori’s hospitalization lasted for several days. And, even when she left, it appeared that she needed some assistance getting out of the wheelchair and into her car.

Tori Spelling shared this outdoor selfie in April of 2023. (Instagram)

So that is the context for why Tori making a public appearance, appearing just fine, is important.

What she’s doing isn’t significant. She’s wearing a crop top and she’s out on a McDonald’s run.

While many prefer McDelivery options, it’s not for everyone, and perhaps Tori is (wisely) pinching pennies. Considering, you know, everything that’s going on in her life.

Tori’s Sunday night snack run was fairly normal. Truthfully, part of her appeal as a public figure is the contrast between her nepo baby celebrity status and her (at times) down-to-earth problems lifestyle.

We’re aware that Tori also stopped at a gas station.

There, Page Six reports, she purchased a pack of Pokemon cards and a battle of soda. It’s honestly pretty creepy that we know that.

In the family’s RV and temporary home, Tori Spelling cuddles up to her youngest son, Beau. August 2023 was a time of transition for their family. (Instagram)

It is very reassuring to see Tori bouncing back from her four-day hospitalization.

Like we said, many believe that her illness stemmed in some way from chronic mold exposure.

Her hospitalization took place several months after the family fled their infested home. But that doesn’t mean that the harm from the mold is over.

In an Instagram post on Sunday, August 20, Tori Spelling revealed that she had spent the past several days in the hospital. She did not divulge why. (Instagram)

As Tori knows (because she spoke about getting brain scans for her family), chronic mold spore exposure can have a lasting effect on the body.

For months, Tori and her family were experiencing unexplained illnesses and even mystery hospitalizations.

Eventually, they learned that mold was the culprit. Their family home, a rental, was no longer safe for habitation.

Once again at Urgent Care with her family, Tori Spelling shared photos to warn followers about the hidden dangers of mold. (Instagram)

Among other things, long-term mold exposure can cause inflammation of the brain. In case that sounds good to you, it’s not!

We hope that Tori’s recover is more than just skin-deep.

She does look great though. Anyone else craving McDonalds?

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