Trump’s beloved Boeing 757 private jet is finally flying again after a year of maintenance work and a new paint job

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New paint job on Trump's Boeing 757 private jet.
New paint job on Trump’s Boeing 757 private jet.

  • Donald Trump has recommissioned his prized Boeing 757 private plane as he hints at a 2024 presidential run.
  • According to aircraft tracking website ADS-B Exchange, the jet flew from Louisiana to Florida on Wednesday. 
  • The plane was taken out of storage in 2021 and flown to Louisiana for maintenance work and a new livery.

Donald Trump’s prized Boeing 757 private jet is finally back in service.

Aircraft tracking website ADS-B Exchange showed the plane — dubbed “Trump Force One” — flew from Louisiana to West Palm Beach, Florida on Wednesday. That’s near to Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort.

The former president’s personal plane has returned to Florida after a two-year sit at Stewart International Airport in New York, and nearly one year of refurbishment in Louisiana.

Trump bought his 757 in 2011 for $100 million from Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen, and it quickly became a symbol of his wealth. Commonly seen as a backdrop at his 2016 presidential rallies, Trump used the plane until he took office in 2017 and switched to the government’s presidential Air Force One fleet.

The return of the 757 comes as Trump continues to tease a 2024 presidential run. He said on his website in May 2021 that the plane, which features two bedrooms, a dining room, and 24K gold plating on the seats, was being restored in Louisiana for use at “upcoming rallies.”

However, in March, Trump sent an email to his political action committee saying he was in the process of building a brand-new jet and included links to his donation page.

“The construction of this plane has been under wraps — not even the fake news media knows about it — and I can’t wait to unveil it for everyone to see,” the email read.

While the news received backlash and led many to believe Trump was fundraising to replace his aging 757, which is 31 years old, he set the record straight on March 14, telling The Hill that “the story was incorrect.”

“I already have a plane, the same one I used on the 2016 campaign,” he told the outlet, clarifying that the jet is “owned by me and financed by me, with no debt.”

As he threw cold water on news of a new plane, Trump posted a video of his original 757 aircraft on social media in July.

In the post, he said the jet was “completely modernized and renovated,” including a new paint job complete with an American flag on the tail and gold “TRUMP” lettering across a black fuselage. 

Aircraft refinishing company Landlocked Aviation painted the plane, with company president Tyson Grenzebach telling local news outlet 7News the work took 40 people and about a month to complete.

With a sleek new look, Trump’s private jet is already being put to work, having flown to Corpus Christi, Texas, over the weekend, per ADS-B Exchange. 

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