Tucker Carlson: Moscow ‘so much nicer than any city in my country’

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Pundit Tucker Carlson called Moscow “nicer” than any city in the United States and praised Russian President Vladimir Putin’s governing of the massive world superpower.

“And the most radicalizing thing for me in the eight days I spent in Moscow was not just the leader of the country,” Carlson said during a recent interview at the World Government Summit, calling Putin “capable.”

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“What was very shocking, very disturbing was the city of Moscow, where I’d never been … it was so much nicer than any city in my country,” he said, calling the Russian capital “so much cleaner, and prettier aesthetically — its architecture, its food, its service — than any city in the United States.”

Carlson held an exclusive interview with Putin in Russia last week, which the president used to spread propaganda about the ongoing war he is waging on Ukraine and criticize the American government.

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Carlson, during his remarks at the summit, blasted the U.S. government for what he characterized as rampant crime, out of control inflation and overall failure of government, saying similar decline as occurred in European cities such as London and Paris.

When asked if he considers himself anti-American, Carlson said, “No, I am the most pro-American.”

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