<div>‘Twisters’ Super Bowl trailer shows a stormy sequel on the horizon</div>

‘Twisters’ Super Bowl trailer shows a stormy sequel on the horizon

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Daisy Edgar-Jones, Glen Powell in a still from 'Twisters'

We didn’t ask for a Twister sequel, but we don’t hate it. Especially when it features Daisy Edgar-Jones and Glen Powell picking up where Helen Hunt and Bill Paxton left off.

In the Super Bowl trailer for Twisters, Edgar-Jones and Powell play storm chasers taking on not one, but multiple tornadoes, hence the title. The sequel to the iconic 1996 film is directed by Lee Isaac Chung, known for Minari, and also stars Anthony Ramos as the creator of a state-of-the-art, highly technical storm tracking system. We’re guessing some technical glitches and differences of storm-tracking approaches ensue.

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Twisters is in theaters on July 19.

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