Two of three Brits held by Taliban have ’emotional’ call with families…but no sign of ‘danger tourist’ Miles Routledge

Two of three Brits held by Taliban have ’emotional’ call with families…but no sign of ‘danger tourist’ Miles Routledge

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THE families of two British men held by the Taliban in Afghanistan have been able to speak to them in an “emotional” call.

Charity medic Kevin Cornwell, 53, and a Brit who manages a hotel for aid workers in the capital Kabul are being “treated fairly”, a charity says.

Miles Routledge is the third Brit detained with the Taliban

Charity medic Kevin Cornwell spoke to his family on Sunday[/caption]

But a third Brit also being held by the Taliban’s ruthless secret police, 23-year-old Miles Routledge, was not on the call and it is unclear where he is.

On Sunday his mother spoke of her “distraught” having not heard from her son for weeks – and is desperate for answers.

The two other men being assisted by non-profit Presidium Network were detained by the Taliban’s General Directorate of Intelligence on January 11.

Speaking about the call, Mr Cornwell and the unnamed man had with their families, Scott Richards, co-founder of the non-profit, said on Twitter: “We can confirm the men have spoken with the family.

“The conversation was unscripted, and that they are being treated fairly.

“The family was able to speak for one minute to one minute and a half and to speak freely, clearly what is an important and emotional call.”

Mr Richards said the call with Kevin, and the other man whose family does not want named, “represents tremendous progress in the situation”.

He added: “The details of that call are private but we understand a great relief to the family.

“The relief Kevin’s family expressed after hearing his voice for the first time in three months not knowing if he was well brought a sense of peace and gave them hope that this situation will be resolved soon.”

Earlier, the Home Secretary suggested the Government is “in negotiations” regarding the three men.

It is unclear when controversial Miles was detained by the Taliban.

His mum Susan Routledge says she has not seen any post on her son’s social media and is worried about his safety.

She told the Daily Mail on Sunday: “I’m distraught. It is so worrying. I just want help to find out what has happened to him and make sure he is OK.

“If I can get a message to those who are holding him, I just want to ask them to tell him he has my love and support.”

Show-off Miles, who calls himself a ‘Lord’, posts videos of himself swanning around in some of the most dangerous places on Earth.

In August 2021 he sparked fury after travelling to Afghanistan for “a holiday” as it fell into the hands of the Taliban.

The Brummie was later evacuated out of Kabul on a UK Government flight, smirking as he left the tarmac alongside desperate Afghans.

Last March Miles travelled to Ukraine as Russia invaded, telling The Sun: “I could be turned into red mist at any point but I’d say it’s safer than Birmingham.”

More recently, he filmed himself on Brazil’s uninhabited Snake Island where 4,00 deadly vipers slither.

The Loughborough University grad, from Sutton Coldfield, later appeared in videos firing American-made assault rifles alongside fundamentalist Taliban terrorists.

His last social media activity was on February 27 having been in Dubai “in transit” between flights to Afghanistan – one of a number of trips he made to the war-torn nation in recent months.


Miles sparked fury in August 2021 after travelling to Afghanistan for ‘a holiday’ as it fell into the hands of the Taliban[/caption]

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