Two trashed cars, body and naked man on boat spark police probe

Two trashed cars, body and naked man on boat spark police probe

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Police are investigating a bizarre series of events involving a burnt-out car with a body inside, a second vehicle driven off a jetty and the detention of a naked man acting erratically on an allegedly stolen boat.

The turmoil in the tiny fishing town about 180 kilometres north of Perth began early on Tuesday morning when police were called to a burning car on Indian Ocean Drive in Nambung, near Jurien Bay.

A body was found in the vehicle before, hours later, police were called back to the area to find a car submerged in the ocean, having been driven off the nearby Cervantes jetty.

At the same time, an erratic naked man was on board a boat floating out to sea.

He came to the attention of fishers after he set off a flare and was found floating in the water.

They brought him onto their boat, cable-tied him and restrained him before he was taken to shore and into police custody.

The man was receiving mental health treatment in Perth on Tuesday night and had not been charged.

Police searched the submerged car on Thursday morning but said they didn’t find anything suspicious.

Investigators are trying to determine what happened and whether the events are linked.

They called for anyone with information or dash cam footage along Indian Ocean Drive from about 9pm on Monday to 12.30am on Tuesday to come forward.

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