Ukraine news latest — UK ‘gives long-range Storm Shadow missiles to Zelensky’ as leader sends defiant message to Putin

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THE United Kingdom has supplied Ukraine with several “Storm Shadow cruise missiles” as Kyiv prepares for its much-anticipated counteroffensive.

The powerful missiles, which are typically fired from the air, can travel approximately 155 miles and will be “a real game changer from a range perspective,” CNN reports.

Following the report, UK Defence Secretary Ben Wallace confirmed the news as he told MPs: “The donation of these weapons systems gives Ukraine the best chance to defend themselves.”

This comes as President Zelensky sent a defiant message to Russia’s Vladimir Putin, rejecting the suggestion Ukraine should cede land to the Kremlin in a bid for peace.

He said: “Everyone will have an idea. They can’t pressure Ukraine into surrendering territories. Why should any country of the world give Putin its territory?”

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