Ukrainian apartment block collapses and leaves eleven dead after missile strike

Ukrainian apartment block collapses and leaves eleven dead after missile strike

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A BATTERED and bloodied man makes a call after a missile strike on a Ukrainian apartment block in which at least 11 died.

Rescue teams were yesterday hunting for survivors in Sloviansk — with officials saying one of the dead was a two-year-old.


Rescuers and volunteers look for survivors on the top of a partially destroyed residential building after intense shelling in Sloviansk[/caption]


An injured man talks on a phone after he was rescued by emergency workers from a partially destroyed apartment building, less than 30 miles from Bakhmut[/caption]

President Volodymyr Zelensky condemned Russia’s “evil” attack on Friday.

Sloviansk, in the Eastern Donetsk, is 28 miles from Bakhmut, the scene of heavy fighting for the past eight months.

Meanwhile, Ukraine is due to take delivery of a Patriot air defence system from the US.

Germany, France, Italy and the Netherlands also pledged more missile support.

According to British intelligence, a unified registry of individuals eligible for military service will be digitally linked to other government services.

This move will allow Russian authorities to punish draft-dodgers by automatically limiting employment rights and restricting foreign travel.

Meanwhile, 52,000 young Russian men already have received draft orders as part of the country’s regular spring call-up, said Col. Andrey Biryukov on Saturday.

21,000 of those men were said to have qualified for military service.

Biryukov addressed concerns that the new electronic conscription law presaged a broader mobilization of reservists, like one Putin ordered in September.

“I’d like to stress that all army deferrals for citizens will still be valid.

“And e-draft orders will not be mailed in bulk.”

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