US warship encountered enormous UFO black triangle emerging from sea before flying into space, claims crewman

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A US warship encountered an enormous  “Black Triangle” UFO emerging from the sea, a member of the crew has claimed.

The USS Nimitz might be best known for the famous “Tic Tac” encounter in 2004 but crewman Kevin Thomas has claimed he witnessed a different incident about a decade earlier.


The USS Nimitz is known for the Tic Tac encounter[/caption]

You Tube/ Quest TV

Kevin Thomas claimed he witnessed a separate incident in 1991[/caption]


The Tic Tac footage captured by two pilots emerged in 2004[/caption]

Two Navy pilots are said to have captured on film a Tic Tac-shaped UFO in 2004 during a routine training mission over the Pacific.

The US Navy previously identified the “tic-tac” as an Unidentified Aerial Phenomena after failing to explain the sighting.

The mystery has deepened over time as Pentagon has refused to answer questions on underwater UFOs.

But in the past few years, the US government has taken an active interest in UFO sighting reports and has even set up a new office focused solely on investigating unidentified objects.



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“Black Triangle” sightings have been recorded for decades but have often been dismissed as secret aircraft or atmospheric anomalies.

Speaking on Quest TV, a crew member of the USS Nimitz, Thomas has described what he witnessed in one of the ship’s missions in 1991, over a decade before the Tic Tac encounter.

He explains that he got into the habit of watching the sunset after his shift as a production petty officer at the photo lab was over.

He said: “It’s night, it’s dark so we went to darken ship and when a ship goes to darken ship everything gets turned off.

“There can be no light anywhere on the ship.

Darkened ship occurs when the entire vessel locks down and everything goes dark in order to camouflage the ship from potential attacks.

He continued: “When I went to open up the bulkhead it was locked so I figured no big deal, I’ll just ride it out out here so I found my way to the starboard side of the ship and I looked around the corner.

“There was something about halfway out of the water. It looked like a huge black triangle.”

“I would estimate it was bigger than the Nimitz about 200 yards away,” he said before adding the Nimitz is about 1119ft.

“It was big and I kind of froze there. I have this image of it looking like this clean dark thing just sitting there with no water dripping off it.

“I got a real clear view of it, it probably raised up about 30-40ft, and then it was gone.

When asked if it made any sound, he responded “no.”

Kevin said he got worried when two men paid him a visit the following day asking questions about the night before.

He said: “It’s very very odd. I had a feeling at that moment, my heart kind of stopped like ‘oh oh I’m in trouble’.

“I thought I saw something I’m not supposed to see and I could get in a lot of trouble.”

Kevin said he only opened up years later when the Tic Tac footage emerged.

When asked if he sees any similarities between the Tic Tac footage and the Black Triangle he witnessed he said they both have the “same movement” at supersonic speeds of Mach 15- Mach 20.

“It kind of went slow at first and then it went boom and it was gone. That’s exactly what I saw,” Kevin said.

Kevin’s testimony comes as the Pentagon has reportedly a clear photo of a “Black Triangle” UFO rising out of the water.

The photo’s existence has never been officially confirmed by the Pentagon – but many state it exists.

In September 2019 the US Navy finally admitted videos taken by pilots apparently showing encounters with UFOs in 2004 are real.

Two videos show three encounters between warplanes and what the navy has officially admitted were “unidentified aerial phenomena”.

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