Vladimir Putin latest — Russian despot visits Mariupol as Ukraine blasts; ‘criminals always return to the crime scene’

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VLADIMIR Putin has made a ”working trip” to the war-torn Ukrainian city of Mariupol, Russian state media reports.

It comes just days after an arrest warrant was issued for the tyrant over alleged war crimes in Ukraine.

According to Russian news agencies citing the Kremlin, Putin, 70, arrived into the city by helicopter and later travelled around several districts making stops and talking to residents.

Ukrainian officials have slammed the brutal dictator following his visit, claiming “criminals always return to the crime scene.”

Mykhailo Podolyak, advisor to the head of the Office of the President of Ukraine, said: “The criminal always returns to the crime scene. As the civilized world announces the arrest of the “war director” (VV Putin) in case of crossing its borders, the murderer of thousands of Mariupol families came to admire the ruins of the city & graves. Cynicism & lack of remorse.”

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