Watch as KFC workers lick chicken and throw food around takeaway after closing time in Australia

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A GROUP of KFC workers have been branded as “feral” and “disgusting” after they were filmed messing about with leftover food.

A TikTok user posted the shocking footage online which shows them licking cooked chicken and throwing food around the kitchen.


A KFC employee can be seen tucking into a piece of chicken[/caption]


One member of staff seems to grab a handful of lettuce, bite into it and then let it fall back into the container[/caption]

The short clip, said to have been filmed in a restaurant in Brisbane, Australia, is captioned “closing time”.

In the clip a young woman can be seen putting her mouth to a tray of chicken before bursting out laughing.

The rest of the group, which involves at least four KFC workers, are then seen grabbing handfuls of food – including chips, lettuce and the famous fried chicken – and throwing it around the room.

A female employee can also be seen licking cooked chicken while she is also being pelleted by the food item.

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A male worker is seen eating at least two of the Colonel’s famous chicken pieces.

Another member of staff is seen grabbing a handful of lettuce and biting into it, before letting it fall back into the container.

The video caused widespread disgust from fans of KFC, labelling the behaviour as “dirty” and calling for the fast-food retailer to launch an investigation.

The Sun Online has contacted KFC for comment.

The user who shared the footage clocked up nearly half a million views and thousands of comments before setting their account to private.

Many commentators expressed concern over food and hygiene safety practices which seem to have been completely ignored by the employees once the restaurant was closed.

One person asked: “Is this what you were doing when I waited an hour for my food?”

Another said: “Wait, is this what actually happens to the food after closing time?”

A third commentator added: “Did somebody say, ‘You’re fired.’?”

Many others urged KFC to “deal” with the situation, saying they were sending the footage to head office.

After the clip was shared to Facebook, one commented: “This is truly disgusting, even if you’re throwing it out.”

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“This is bloody disgusting, just as well I haven’t bought KFC in years and certainly won’t in the future,” another said.

Someone else branded the antics “feral”.


Online commentators have called for an investigation by KFC[/caption]


The staff have been branded ‘disgusting’ and ‘feral’ due to their antics[/caption]

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