Watch incredible first-person video as Russian pilot EJECTS and haplessly watches his plane crash after being shot down

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INCREDIBLE footage shows a panicked Russian pilot ejecting from his plane and watching as it crash in a fireball after being shot down.

The shocking first-person video is believe to have been recorded in the summer but wasn’t released until now.


Incredible footage shows the moment a Russian jet was allegedly shot down[/caption]


The fighter pilot ejected moments after his aircraft registered a hit[/caption]

The Su-25SM exploded in a fireball in the middle of a paddock

The Russian fighter pilot releases his parachute mid-air after his Su-25SM was taken down by what’s believed to have been incoming Ukrainian fire, according to a weapons tracking account on Twitter.

The aircraft nose-dives into the ground, unleashing a hellish explosion that can be seen from miles away while the pilot lands safety in an abandoned field.

It’s not clear what’s happened to the pilot since the recording but some observers claim the flight crashed during a planned training run in Belgorod region, Russia.

It comes as astonishing footage shows the moment a Ukrainian tank opened fire in a vicious battle against Russian fighters.



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Fierce fighting can be seen in the video as the 46-tonne T-84 main battle tank blasts its 125mm cannon towards Putin’s men during the bloody clash that is understood to have occurred near Kherson.

Ukrainian forces are seen engaging nearly point-blank with a Russian convoy who appear to have blundered into them as they drive up a dirt road.

Trucks emblazoned with the “Z” symbol can see attempting to rush past the tank – only for soldiers on the ground to then open fire on them.

The bearded gunner in the tank’s turret ducks down as gunfire can be heard all around him.

With the snaps of bullets and the boom of tank guns, the convoy – with a truck towing a howitzer and an armoured personnel carrier – grind to a halt.

Other clips released as part of the video package shows the gunner opening fire on unseen foes with his heavy machine gun.

It’s expected Mad Vlad would happily sacrifice 20 million soldiers to ensure he won the war in Ukraine and secure his future as Russia’s leader, a former insider claimed.

The chilling warning comes as fears of the war in Ukraine turning nuclear continue to grow as Russia’s defence minister said a “dirty bomb” could be detonated in Ukraine.

Exiled former diplomat Boris Bondarev warned Putin would sacrifice millions of lives to win in Ukraine.

“He is not smart, he is just lucky. Now I think his luck is over,” Mr Bondarev told Sky News.

“You should have no doubt about it, he may sacrifice 10 or 20 million Russians just to win this war just to slaughter all Ukrainians because it’s a matter of principle.

“It’s a matter of political survival to him. You have to understand that, if he loses the war, it will be the end for him.”

Bondarev added: “After losing the war, he will have to explain to his elites and his population why it is so and he may find some problems in explaining this.

“And after that there may be opposition who will try to depose him or he will try to purge his subordinates to find some people who could be blamed for all these problems.”

Meanwhile, Russian war boss Sergei Shoigu warned that the brutal warzone is risking “uncontrolled escalation” as Putin’s forces continue to be pushed back across the frontline.

Shoigu suggested that Ukraine could actually be the one to detonate a “dirty bomb” – an explosive laced with radioactive material.

And while not a true nuclear weapon, the consequences of using such a device could be catastrophic.

But it has been Russia wildly swinging the nuclear sabre during the war – and the latest allegation could be another diversion tactic.

Putin’s forces like to spread as much chaos and misinformation as possible to cover their own tracks.

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And so Shoigu’s warning sparks fears over what the Russians may be planning as they are beaten back across the frontline.

As expected, Russia presented no evidence for their claims.


It’s believed the crash occurred in the summer and footage was only released now[/caption]


The video was shared by weapons observers on Twitter[/caption]

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