<div>Watch moment cheeky monkey steals phone to film 45 min selfie video & refuses to give it back even when offered peanuts</div>

Watch moment cheeky monkey steals phone to film 45 min selfie video & refuses to give it back even when...

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THIS is the hilarious moment a very cheeky monkey managed to steal a tourist’s phone and keep it for over 45 minutes while taking a selfie video.

The playful primate went on a filming spree as the owner was sent on a wild chase across an Indonesian woods trying to catch the monkey even by offering it peanuts.


A monkey stole a tourist’s phone for over 45 minutes as it filmed itself running off into the jungle[/caption]


The monkey decided to take a hilarious selfie video on the woman’s phone[/caption]


Moments before Ashley Hoak lost her phone to the cheeky primate[/caption]


The monkey was offered peanuts to drop the phone before it ran off into the woods[/caption]

The primate wasn’t keen on giving back the phone with it even bearing its teeth

Ashley Hoak, 26, was playing around with a pack of monkeys on her trip to Bali when one mischievously managed to snatch her phone out of her hand after bearing its teeth.

Alongside her pal Sabrina Weibel, 27, the pair tried to coerce the primate with food before he ended up running off deep into the Uluwatu trees.

Sabrina said: “At the time, when the monkey stole Ashley’s phone, I was nervous that he was going to hurt us but also thought it was hilarious.

“When we walked in, the staff told us to watch our belongings, but were shocked when the monkey was stealing items out of our hands.”

The monkeys had grouped together and ran off in a pack, swinging through trees and galloping across the fallen branches – leaving the women with little to no chance of catching up.

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Luckily, the girls had a tracker on Ashley’s phone so they were able to catch up with the monkey after a tiring 45 minutes.

The phone was miraculously discovered laying face down on the floor in the heart of the jungle with no monkeys in sight.

But when the women opened up the phone they quickly saw a big grinning monkey fill up the screen.

The pesky thief had managed to film his daring escapade as he stopped to look at the phone in extremely funny footage.

At first, the monkey’s camera skills are clearly lacking as he films his mouth before seemingly noticing his reflection on the screen.

Taking a particular interest in himself the primate begins to paw at the phone and jump up and down as he bears his teeth and sticks out his tongue.

The quick primate then films his dash through the jungle as he darts through piles of leaves in the shaky footage.

Within seconds he manages to soar up a tree and, with the phone still in hand, film across the dense area.

Before it continues to appear to lick and sniff the screen once again.

Ashley said: “Most people thought the video and photos were hilarious. Other people were mad we were around monkeys to begin with!

“The only thing I have to add is that I am over monkeys!”

The monkey looked fascinated by his own face being on the screen
Sabrina and Ashley managed to track down the phone using a tracker
The phone was eventually found in the jungle

It comes as shocking footage of more monkeys captured the moment a terrifying swarm of monkeys took over a city.

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Hundreds of monkeys filled the Thai tourist town of Lopburi – bringing traffic to a standstill.

Lopburi has also been swamped by sex-crazed monkeys indulging in buffets of sugary drinks and snacks recently.

The rampaging macaques are thought to have been made hyper-sexual and violent by sugar provided to them at an annual festival.

There could be more than 10,000 monkeys in Lopburi Province, including more than 2,200 in the Lopburi’s old town area.

Cops have had to arm themselves with slingshots and tranquilliser guns to combat the “dangerous” animals.

Inside the monkey selfie lawsuit

British photographer David Slater was caught up in a huge controversy when he managed to get a monkey to take a selfie of himself in 2011.

Slater was later sued by the animal rights group PETA on behalf of the monkey Naruto, the Indonesian macaque.

Slater was sued in a US court by PETA who claimed the copyright for the selfie taken by Naruto rests with the monkey.

Meaning all profits should go to him.

PETA said in a statement that Naruto “undeniably” took the picture and that the case showed the “need to extend fundamental rights to animals”.

Lawyers for Mr Slater, from Chepstow in Monmouthshire, argued at the 9th Circuit in San Francisco that he could not be sued because his accuser was a monkey – and may not even be the right one.

Angela Dunning, said the case was “absurd” because Naruto “can’t benefit financially from his work he is a monkey”.

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But PETA claimed Naruto should have the same rights as a human and that it was a test case for broader animal rights.

Slater later agreed to donate 25 per cent of his future earnings from the image to protecting Naruto.

Both sides said in a joint statement: “PETA and David Slater agree that this case raises important, cutting-edge issues about expanding legal rights for non-human animals, a goal that they both support, and they will continue their respective work to achieve this goal.

“As we learn more about Naruto, his community of macaques, and all other animals, we must recognise appropriate fundamental legal rights for them as our fellow global occupants and members of their own nations who want only to live their lives and be with their families.

“To further these goals, David Slater will donate 25% of future gross revenue from the Monkey Selfie photographs to charitable organisations dedicated to protecting and improving the welfare and habitat of Naruto and crested black macaques in Indonesia”.

A terrifying army of monkeys has taken over the Thai tourist town of Lopburi
A terrifying army of monkeys has taken over the Thai tourist town of Lopburi earlier this year
A monkey drinks soft drink during the annual Monkey Buffet Festival in Lopburi
A monkey drinks a soft drink during the annual Monkey Buffet Festival in Lopburi

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