Watch terrifying moment low-flying 700mph Russian cruise missiles skim over fishermen’s heads on way to blast Ukraine

Watch terrifying moment low-flying 700mph Russian cruise missiles skim over fishermen’s heads on way to blast Ukraine

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THIS is the terrifying moment Russian cruise missiles zoomed over fishermen’s heads on the way to batter Kyiv.

The low-flying rockets flew across the Caspian sea at 700mph on the day of Putin‘s $200million massacre.

Kalibr missiles were seen zooming past fishermen across the Caspian sea

The shocked fishermen filmed the sinister sight[/caption]

The rockets were on the way to Ukraine on the day of Putin’s massacre of a kids hospital

The eerie footage shows deadly missiles, presumably Kalibr, fired low across the sea right above the fishermen’s boats.

Shocked fishermen look up to film the sinister sight as the rockets race at high speed towards Ukraine.

One of the men can be heard saying: “A missile is flying towards us.”

Another voice behind the camera exclaims: “I’m in awe.”

The warmonger is firing rockets from the Caspian, around 1,000 miles from Ukraine, since Ukrainian forces cannot disrupt Russian planes and warships here.

Putin’s military use low-altitude cruise missiles in a bid to prevent being picked up by air defence systems in time to avert a strike.

The video was captured on Monday when the tyrant commenced his horrific attack on a children’s hospital in Kyiv which left at least 41 dead.

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Putin unleashed a tirade of hypersonic missiles and six-ton warship killers in a precise assault targeting sick children.

The Kalibr missiles seen in the video are believed to be part of 38 rockets that cost the tyrant $200million to launch.

They also included a Kh-47M2 “Kinzhal” aeroballistic missile, four Iskander-M ballistic missiles, one 3M22 “Zirkon” cruise missile and three Kh-59/Kh-69 guided air missiles.

As well as a sickening outburst of 13 Kh-101 cruise missiles and a pair of giant 40ft Kh-22 missiles.

Ukraine’s air force said it downed 30 of 38 missiles launched.

The Kalibr missiles – designed to be blasted from warships and subs in Russia’s Black Sea fleet – have an operational range of more than 1,550 miles on land and 233 miles at sea.

The weapon, which can carry a load of a 500kg warhead, has been deemed so powerful that Nato dubbed it “The Sizzler”.

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Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said Russia hit five cities on Monday in a “genocidal” attack.

He demanded Moscow answer “for all its crimes” against people, children and humanity.

His chief of staff, Andriy Yermak, accused Russia of “deliberately targeting” children.

Kids with cancer were forced to pause chemotherapy treatment as medics evacuated the hospital’s oncology ward.

Ukraine’s health minister said at least three sick children mid-way though open-heart surgeries when the missiles struck.

One doctor even said he leapt on to his patient to protect them from flying glass and debris.

Others were seen helping fellow colleagues and fellow parties – despite being wounded themselves.

Horrific pictures showed children wounded in the attack, one-wheeled into an ambulance on a stretcher as he sobbed.

Another chilling photograph shows a toddler covered in blood at a hospital.

A group of young cancer patients gathered with their parents and doctors, attached to drips as they watched on in horror.

Mother Marina Ploskonos said her 4-year-old son was recovering from spinal surgery when the missiles struck.

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Bursting into tears, she said: “My child is terrified. This shouldn’t be happening, it’s a children’s hospital.”

Ukrainian sources said that 95 suspects had been identified over Monday’s attacks on Ukraine, especially on the children’s cancer hospital.

Molfar, a Ukrainian open-source intelligence group, said it had found MiG pilots, as well as military personnel from Air Force Base 06987 at Engels Airfield, and Air Force Base 33310 from Shaykovka.

Journalist Andriy Tsaplienko said: “They are the ones involved in the attack on the Okhmatdyt Children’s Hospital and Ukrainian cities on July 8, 2024.

“Data, photos, contacts of 95 Russian pilots, commanders, engineers and their families who give orders and launch missiles at hospitals, residential buildings and children.

“And yes, the missile attack was targeted – the article contains a fact-check of the Russian attack by Molfar, which debunks Russian propaganda.”

The devastating aftermath of a children's hospital that was struck by Putin's barrage of missiles on Monday
The aftermath of the children’s hospital blitz in Kyiv on Monday
A bloodied toddler receives medical treatment in hospital
A bloodied toddler receives medical treatment in hospital
The moment a Russian Kh-101 missile hit Okhmatdyt - Ukraine's largest children's hospital
The moment a Russian Kh-101 missile hit Okhmatdyt – Ukraine’s largest children’s hospital
Doctors were seen helping move rubble as part of the rescue operations
Doctors were seen helping move rubble as part of the rescue operations

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