We bought dream £330,000 five-bedroom home – only to find mysterious strangers had moved in and are REFUSING to leave

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A COUPLE has been left in shock when they discovered a group of mysterious strangers had moved into their new home.

The pair were looking forward to moving into the five-bedroom property they had just bought for £330,000 but it appears the new tenants refuse to leave.

The couple bought the five-bedroom home for £330,00
The new tenants claim they have a lease and refuse to move out
They have even put up signs warning people to stay away

The couple, from Maryland, US, had signed a contract with a bank to purchase their dream home in Clinton, WUSA9 reports.

But when they drove past the property, they saw a group of people moving in.

The real estate agent Melea King told the outlet the woman tried to confront them but the new tenants claimed they had a lease for the home and refused to leave.

King said: “She panicked a little and called me and said, ‘What is happening here?’



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“It seems as though someone has tried to take possession of the property.”

The people in the property showed the couple papers claiming to be a lease which resulted in them calling the police.

King added: “Once the police was on site, they took a look at the lease, and it was not accurate. It was not correct.”

She said the couple has an “agreed sign ratified contract with the bank.”

While an officer from Prince George’s County visited the property, the department said it was more of a “civil matter.”

Meanwhile, the people continue to live on the property and have even put up signs warning others to stay away.

King said: “Right now my clients are highly upset, and we just don’t know what to do at this point.

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“It should not be taking this long for this to be addressed.”

The couple are said to expect answers from the bank as to how the people were able to move into their property in the first place.

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